5 Great Games to Play with a Playground Ball

If you’re trying to get your kids outside this summer, a playground ball may be the thing to do it. Generations have seen the fun that can be had with a simple ball. These five playground games are great for keeping your kids active and outside this season.

games to play with a kickball


Five Fun Games to Play With a Kickball


This is a great game for small or large groups. You only need one ball and at least 3 people in order to have a great time playing. One of the best things about this game is that it can be played in most open areas outside.


Due to the “pegging” nature of this game, it’s best for bigger kids. In order to maximize the fun (and disagreements) make sure to map out the field of play. And if you really want to up the fun incorporate more than one ball.

Wall Ball

Wall ball is a classic playground game. Just grab a ball, a friend, and ¬†find an open wall. It’s that¬†easy! This classic is all about strategy and hand-eye coordination.

Four Square

This is another classic playground game. In order to play you’ll need at least 4 players and a space with 4 squares marked off. You can find these courts already marked off on many playgrounds.


Our last options is Kickball! If you can, organize a neighborhood game. This game is best for large groups with access to a baseball field. But if you can find the people and place, you’re bound to have a great time!

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