Best Baby Beach Tent

Best Baby Beach Tent 2017

The beach is an amazing place for families to make memories, enjoy the sun, and relax. And the ocean-side also offers so many educational experiences. From the surf to the sand, there are endless opportunities to learn about nature. But, the sun is not all fun and games. If you’re planning to head to the beach this summer with your little kids, you need to think about protecting their precious skin. To do that, you'll want to pick up one of the tents on our best baby beach tent list. 

Why You Need a Baby Sun Tent

The beach doesn’t have many trees to offer protection for the sun. During the summertime it can be dangerous to be directly in the sun for too long a time. So while parents may want to spend lots of time on the beach with their family, they must take the necessary steps to keep their little ones safe. That’s where a beach tent for babies comes into play.

PRO PARENTING TIP: Like many of these "pop up" tents, they can be tricky to get back into the case. Practice a few times before going to the beach. That way you're not frazzled when trying to put these tents back in addition to packing up 300 bags you brought for the baby. 

Best Baby Beach Tent Options 2017



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Pacific Breeze Easy Up Tent

87 inches long x 47 inches high x 49 inches deep

Baby Nook Travel Tent and Bed

​47 in long x 24 in wide x 20 in high

Schylling Infant UV Playshade

15.75 inches x 2 inches x 15.75 inches

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

90 inches x 57 inches x 52.50 Inches

KidCo PeaPod Plus Infant Travel Bed

46 inches long x 18 inches high x 28 inches wide

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

The Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent boasts to be the fastest to put up and take down on the market. If you've been to the beach with kids, you'll know how valuable this can be since parents often find themselves with their hands full.

The baby beach tent includes internal pockets for your belongings. There are sand pockets and stakes to help keep you tent put on a windy beach. This is extremely important due to the lightweight construction of the fiberglass frame. 

When assembled this tent is 87 inches long by 47 inches high by 49 inches deep. 

Baby Nook Travel Bed and Beach Tent

Baby Nook Travel Bed and Beach Tent

Parents will love this tent and napper for the beach and beyond. They market this small tent as the perfect alternative to a Pack 'n Play as it's much easier to transport and set up. 

You will also feel safe using this on the beach with it's UV 50+ protection. When your little one is sitting in the tent they will be cooled by the breeze allowed in by the 4 mesh windows.

When popped up the Baby Nook is ​47 in long by 24 in wide by 20 in high. This is definitely one of the smaller tents. So if you want your child to play in the tent, or if you have more than one small child, this may not be your best option. 

Schylling Infant UV Playshade

Schylling Infant UV Playshade

Kids and parents will enjoy UV 50+ protection with this pop up tent.  This option is quite roomy and more than one child can fit in it at a time. Since there is a mesh backing the kids will remain cool as they relax in the shade.

The tent is made of waterproof polyester. Kids will have fun using this both indoors and outdoors. If you plan on using it outdoors, make sure you are able to stake it to the ground or place some weights inside. Some customers have stated the tent rolls up if not held down.

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

Parents and kids will love this roomy tent. With 4 ft. 9 in. of height at the center, the family will use this for many different outings. This tent is perfect for the beach, lake, sporting events and more. 

This tent has an awning which provides a bit more coverage. A door flap also allows for privacy and is easily zipped up for quick outfit changes. ​

Internal sandbags will keep the shade from blowing away. There are also some pockets inside to hold all your gear while you run and play in the sand.

Since this tent is so spacious, it's a great choice for families with more than one child who needs coverage. ​

KidCo PeaPod Plus Infant Travel Bed

KidCo PeaPod Plus Infant Travel Bed

KidCo is a trusted name in kids and baby products. They make a wide range of baby gear - from safety gates to beach tents.

The PeaPod is a travel bed and beach tent in one. It's just 3.5 lbs when folded up and it comes with a nice carrying case. Some customers (my sister included) have complained that once set up, it can be tricky to get back into the carrying case easily.

Parents will love both the protection from the sun as well as the bugs with the fine mesh screens on this tent. This also allows for air flow ensuring the tent does not get too hot.

This version comes with a removal sleeping pad. It's the perfect solution for small children who need a nap on the beach or elsewhere. ​

The KidCo PeaPod is recommended for children 1 year to 5 years old. ​

Conclusion - Our Pick

The above are all great choices, however our vote for a "one kid" tent goes to the KidCo PeaPod. This is a premier tent that can double as a travel bed and beach tent. The Coleman DayTripper is our pick for those with multiple kids. The larger tent will provide the coverage needed for lots of littles!

featured image from flickr - Michael Coghlan

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