Best Baby Doll Stroller Options for 2017

best baby doll stroller

Playing with baby dolls is an activity that has existed for decades, even centuries. The reason baby dolls are so popular is that it mimics real life. In decades past especially, families were often welcoming new babies and it was common to have siblings help take care of them. For young children to pretend to take care of a baby wasn’t too far off. Fast forward to today and kids still love playing with baby dolls. Not only are there dolls to play with but other items like high chairs and some of the best baby doll strollers around. From outfits to baby gear, your little one will be able to take care of their baby doll in style.

What to Look for in a Baby Doll Stroller

When looking for a baby doll stroller you’ll need to determine what type of stroller you’re looking to obtain. There are smaller baby doll strollers for young toddlers, there are baby doll strollers for big kids, there are luxury baby doll strollers and double/tandem baby doll strollers.  The below will help you compare a few of the best options out there in each category.

So here are some key things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a baby doll stroller. There are many options to pick from so sorting out the below will help you whittle down your choices.

  • Size – make sure the stroller size isn’t too big or too small for your child. Look at the height.
  • Storage-friendliness – If you don’t have a ton of space to store the stroller, make sure it folds
  • Material – Looking for plastic or fabric and aluminum? Where you plan on storing or using the stoller may help you decide
  • Style – There are so many styles to choose from nowadays. Be like Mom or Dad with a jogging stroller or a fancy pram style. Maybe your child has many dolls and a multiples style stroller would be best

Our Picks for Best Baby Doll Strollers 2017

When looking at the market for doll strollers, there are some designed specifically for littler kids. Here is a list of those strollers perfect for kids around 1-2 years of age.

Step2 Love and Care Doll Stroller Toy

The Step2 baby doll stroller is a great option for young kids. This stroller is extremely easy to use so it’s a great choice for younger children. There aren’t any straps or accessories which is actually a good thing in this case. Young children can place their baby dolls directly in the stroller and take them out. It’s angled in a way that keeps the baby in place. There’s also a small section below the carriage that can hold some toys your child wants to tote around.

I love that this can also double as a shopping cart for pretend play.

For parents, this is also a great option. There is some assembly required but it’s quite simple. The wheels won’t scratch your floors and since it’s plastic you most likely won’t need to be worried about your furniture. You may want to make sure bigger kids don’t try to sit in the stroller as it may tip over if they’re not careful.

VTech Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care and Learn Stroller

American Plastic Toy On the Go Stroller



Mommy & Me Babyboo Doll Pram




Babyboo Deluxe Doll Pram


Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger



Precious Toys Polka Dots Foldable Doll Jogger with Hood




Play Ideas for Your Child and Their Baby Doll Stroller

When involved with pretend play, I like to give my daughter free reign on how to approach a toy or situation. But if you find yourself stuck, here are some ideas to bring up to your child that might spur some creativity. I start thinking about the places I would use a stroller and this is what I would suggest.

  • Take the doll on a shopping trip
  • Go for a run with the doll and stroller
  • Go for a walk
  • Try to get the baby to go to sleep by rocking it back and forth with the stroller

When doing these, such as the walk or run, ask your child where they’re going? Are they walking to grandma’s house? By asking questions you can help open up their imaginations!

featured image from flickr – by Katia Shrieck

Hope we were able to help you pick the best baby doll stroller for your kids! Did we miss any of your favorites?


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