Best Balance Bike for a 2 Year Old – 6 Great Options


Balance bikes are all the rage! And there’s good reason for it. There are so many benefits of starting your toddler off with a balance bike over a tricycle or training wheels. So when my husband and I decided on getting our daughter a bike we started searching for the best balance bike for a 2 year old. There are many things you should consider when looking for a balance bike.

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Tire material
  • Additional features

Our Picks for Best Balance Bike for 2 Year Old 2017


In this article we will review some of the best balance bikes for 2 year olds, focusing on the 10 – 12 inch models. The bikes we will be reviewing are:

Strider Classic Balance Bike



The Strider 12’’ Classic Balance Bike has a 75 lb weight capacity with an adjustable seat and handlebars. The seat height can be moved from 11’’ to 16’’ to easily accommodate children of different heights.

The tires are durable industrial foam providing traction. Foam tires allows for absorption of bumps in the road as your little one rides around. 

  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight
  • True to size, perfect for a toddler


  • Some say that kids 2.5 outgrow seat and have to buy a taller seat for additional money.
  • Many have complained about the low-quality tires.



WeeRide Learn 2 Ride Balance Bike


The WeeRide Learn 2 Ride Balance Bike has a steel frame with inflatable pneumatic tires. This bike comes with an adjustable seat to accommodate a growing child. One bonus feature is a rear hand brake.


  • Rear hand brake


  • Many felt this was a low quality bike
  • Tends to be large even for a 10 inch bike.



Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike 

This bike is designed to easily transition your toddler to the balance phase. You can switch from a 3-wheel mode to a 2-wheel mode easily without the need for tools. An adjustable seat lets this bike grow along with your child.


  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Gradual learning


  • Plastic so many feel it doesn’t fare well on sidewalks or pavement
  • Runs on the small side, stay away if you have a tall toddler



KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

This 12 inch bikes is made of steel and aluminum with rubber tires. There is a footrest which gives the kids a comfortable place to put their feet while gliding around. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars and a weight capacity of 75 lbs.


  • Good quality bike
  • Real tires


  • Many people have had issues with the handle grips
  • Some have said when assembled the seat is angled forward which may cause kids to slide off.



Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike


The Cruzee UltraLite claims to be the lightest balance bike in the world coming it at only 4.2 lbs. It has a minimum seat height of 11 inches and goes up to 19 inches as your child grows.


  • Good quality
  • Extremely lightweight. Perfect for little ones


  • Price

FirstBIKE Limited Bike with Brake

FirstBIKE balance bike for 2 year old



The FirstBIKE Limited Bike comes with a steering limiter to help learners get a handle of steering. This bike is designed for kids with an inseam of 13 inches. It’s made of a glass fiber reinforced nylon which actually gives the frame some flex when heavier kids ride it.


  • Quality construction


  • Price
  • You need to purchase an additional kit to lower the seat to 12 inches




Benefits of Buying on of the Best Balance Bikes On Our List

  • Confidence Building – There is nothing like the feeling of independence you get when you’re able to maneuver something like a bike all by yourself. Remember the first time you took the car out by yourself when you got your license? It’s the same for your toddler.
  • Promote Family Bonding Time – since little ones will be able to ride along with parents and older siblings they’re able to participate in family outings. This allows for great bonding as the kids race outside.
  • Safer than Tricycles and standard bikes – Since the kids are focusing on balancing and their feet are free, they’re more likely to put their feet down immediately if they start falling to one side.
  • Easier transition to a pedaled bike – Since the balance bike already teaches your kid balance, there won’t be a need for training wheels. Kids are known to transition more quickly to a pedaled bike after using a balance bike.


Hope this helps you decide which bike is the best balance bike for a 2 year old. Check out our scooter overview if your child is looking for a different mode of transportation. And don’t forget to check out helmets for kids for additional safety!



Looking for the best balance bike for a 2 Year Old. Here are some great options to get them going!

image by clarkmaxwell on flickr

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