Best Dirt Bikes for Kids 2018

When faced with the idea of getting your child into dirt bike riding, you may be tempted to outright say no due to the perceived dangers the machines present. But thankfully in this article we’ll be taking a look at what exactly a kid’s dirt bike is, the benefits it can have for your child, safety precautions, and what you need to have with you while riding so that you don’t have to worry. We’ll also help you find the best dirt bikes for kids like yours.

The most important thing to all parents is the need for their children to be safe at all times. This is especially true when choosing activities for your son or daughter to participate in. They are things that are often done without your supervision, so maintaining complete safety is absolutely paramount.

All the information on the blog is for entertainment purposes. We are by no means experts. We’re parents just like you. We have compiled information regarding this topic however all readers must read and use the information at their own risk.

Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

BikeWhat Does It Look Like?Power SourcePriceBuy Now
Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike500-Watt Electric Motor
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike500-Watt Electric Motor
Coleman Powersports CT200U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike196cc Gas Powered Engine$$$$
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike350-Watt Electric Motor
Coolster Dirt bike 70cc Semi Automatic70cc Gas Powered Engine$$$$
Flying Horse 49cc 50cc Red 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike50cc Gas Powered Engine

What is a Dirt Bike for Kids?

Dirt bike riding is one of the most exhilarating sports in the entire world and it will leave you with a feeling of pure freedom that you will not get elsewhere. A common concern for anyone looking to purchase a dirt bike for a kid is how large, powerful, and dangerous normal sized bikes can be.
Fortunately, I am here to tell you that there are safer options for your child.

The most obvious thing you will notice when comparing a kid’s dirt bike to a full sized dirt bike is the power. Power can mean a lot of things, but in this case we are talking about the engine. A more powerful engine will give you more speed and power, but the more powerful your engine is, the more skilled the rider needs to be to control the engine. But you should worry not because many kid’s dirt bikes come as low as 50cc which should be small enough for most children to enjoy and control safely and freely!

Another common concern among buyers of kids dirt bikes is their similarity to motorcycles. Because of how terrible some motorcycle accidents are, it definitely causes some to shy away from the purchase. However, you should not draw too many conclusions because dirt bikes and their on-road cousin the motorcycle are not exactly the same.

Both are designed for speed, but the motorcycle has the restrictions and confinement of being on the road and in a very tight situation with other vehicles surrounding. But a dirt bike is made for going very fast, taking tight turns, and is able to handle high jumps. The heavy metal surrounding the motorcycle causes it to be much more difficult to control and because of this you see many more motorcycle accidents than those on dirt bikes. Children’s dirt bikes are even safer than normal motorcycles due to their reduced power and size.

Developmental Benefits of Kids Dirt Bikes

When choosing the right extracurricular activity for your kids, it is very important to choose an activity that is both fun and also helps build skills in some way. This can be in the form of pure education from educational video games, playing catch to help build hand-eye coordination, or even joining a soccer team to help with teamwork and building team skills with others.

The problem many parents have with dirt bike riding for their child is that they don’t believe it builds many crucial skills. Unfortunately these parents are mistaken, as there are many benefits to any child learning to ride a dirt bike.

Balance, coordination, teamwork and responsibility are some just to name a few but there are many more.


The biggest strength your child will develop is immense balance control. Sure, many kids learn how to ride bicycles but any balance learned there will fail miserably in comparison to the balance possessed by a dirt bike rider!


Something that is just as, if not more important than balance is the responsibility learned from owning a dirt bike. Owning a dirt bike is a big responsibility and there are a series of important things to do to ensure your dirt bike is always working properly and being taken care of as it should. These are simple but important things such as washing your bike after every ride, ensuring that bolts are all secure at all times, checking tire pressure, and also maintaining your chain and air filter to ensure both are clean and working properly. When your child is of age, it would be a good idea to trust them with the responsibility of maintaining their own dirt bike. It will give them a sense of pride knowing they control how well their favorite hobby runs and if there are small issues they won’t always need to ask for help.


Another possible benefit could be teamwork. If your child shows interest in dirt bike and off-road racing then they could be placed in a team environment on a racing team working with others and aiming for a common goal together: to have fun and strive for victory together.


One last advantage any child who learns dirt bike riding will have over other people who don’t is coordination. The ability to control a dirt bike’s power and steer it accordingly is difficult, so exposing your child to the challenge early will allow them to develop great coordination overall, something that will help them for their entire life.


Best Dirt Bikes for Kids Reviewed

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


Coming in with a very stylish design inspired by legendary motocross rider Jeremy McGrath, this bike is able to carry up to 175 pounds and is great for any teenager or young adult.

This model is able to reach speeds of 15 mph and can stay running for up to 40 minutes of non-stop use.


  • Design
  • For Teenagers and Adults
  • Good Price vs Similar Models


  • 40 Minutes Of Use
  • Not made for smaller children
  • Unable to carry heavier adults



Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


This model is similar to the model above but with a slightly different design. You will instantly notice the enticing 500-watt electric motor and you can’t forget the dual suspension and riser handlebars to help reduce any bumpy rides.


  • Dual Suspension
  • Riser Handlebars
  • Authentic Dirt Bike Frame


  • Expensive vs similar models
  • Customers have had issues with clutch
  • Not made for heavier adults



Coleman Powersports CT200U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike



This is a more pricey model but the reason for that is the power. This gas powered bike has significantly more power than the other dirt bikes we’ve shown so far. It’s matched with a beautiful bright red metal frame and a very easy pull start operation to get you riding as soon as possible.


  • Power
  • Easy to start


  • High price point
  • Not as appealing to look at as other dirt bikes



Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike



The final option from Razor is a scaled down budget option. This 350-watt electric engine will be much quieter for areas and times when you are not able to be noisy. It is also able to reach speeds as high as 12 miles per hour with no pedaling required!


  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • No Pedaling


  • Single Speed Motor
  • Less Powerful



Coolster Dirt bike 70cc Semi Automatic


This model from Coolster is one of the faster options, being able to reach speeds as high as 55 km/h which is about 35 miles per hour! Coming with a stylish red Speed design this bike is sure to catch anyone’s eye.


  • Fast
  • 70cc Engine


  • Some customers find the metal to be flimsy
  • 50kg max load (110 pounds!)



Flying Horse 49cc 50cc Red 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike


This Pit Bike from Flying Horse comes with both front and rear disc brakes makes stopping for even beginners very easy. Like a previous model reviewed it also comes with very easy to use pull start operation so riding is as easy as ever!


  • Easy To Use
  • Comes in many colors
  • Great Brakes


  • 50cc engine
  • Some customers have gas leak issues




Age To Begin Riding a Mini Bike or Kids Dirt Bike

How young is too young?

Something many parents have asked themselves over the years. The truth is that there is no answer to that question. Everyone is different and grows at their own pace, both physically and mentally.

The better question is: how will you know when your child is ready to ride a dirt bike on their own?There are two main “tests” that they need to pass before they are ready to straddle the bike on their own.

Are They Physically Ready to Ride a Kids Dirt Bike?

The first being to find out if your child is currently physically ready. Generally a good way to gauge this is with a regular bicycle. It’s important that your child is very well versed in the aspects of the bicycle and more importantly, is very comfortable riding one.

Once you feel like they have mastered the regular bicycle then physically they are most likely ready to move up to the next step, a dirt bike.

Are they Mentally Ready to Ride a Kids Mini Bike?

Everyone grows, and eventually any child will be ready to physically handle the power of a dirt bike or mini bike. The real hurdle at a young age with beginning your dirt bike riding career is the mental barriers.

It’s crucial that you don’t push a child into beginning riding too early. However tempting, beginning too early could have further setbacks later. Your child’s very first experience with dirt bikes is something that won’t ever be forgotten but also needs to be treated very carefully. If this first interaction with dirt bikes goes poorly, then this could leave your child with a longer lasting fear of dirt bikes themselves.

If even after considering all these things you are still unsure of when a good time to begin is, a very common age to begin on a beginner dirt bike is around the age of five or six. You can try teaching children as young as 4 but it is not recommended to teach any younger than that, as it can be dangerous.
To quickly summarize, there are a lot of variables and it really depends on your child when deciding the correct age to begin them on a dirt bike. It’s always best to use caution and your intuition.


What Type of Bike to Start With?

When you are considering the right dirt bike for your child’s very first bike, there are a number of important aspects to consider. Without going into too much detail, when choosing your first bike you want to keep things light and simple.

Wheel Size for Kids Mini Bike

We’ll start right away with the wheel size. When choosing a beginner wheel size you’ll want to start small until your child is more experienced and is able to handle larger, tougher to handle wheels.

Kids Dirt Bike Engine Size

With the engine it’s more of the same: small and safe. The smallest engine size available in dirt bikes is 50cc. This is the lightest and easiest control of all the engines and makes for a great starter engine for anyone under the age of 7. Engines can be tricky however, you need to consider the type of engine you would like as well as the power of it.

With kids dirt bikes there are typically two types of engines, two-strokes and four-strokes. For a beginner you’re going to want to get a four-strokes engine. The reasoning behind this is that two-strokes engine has more kick to it when you reach faster speeds but when you’re at lower speeds, you’ll find that it is much more difficult to control while riding.

Electric Start or Kick Start

Starting your bike up is something that everyone needs to do every time you ride. So it is fairly important to pick a method that is convenient. With an electric start function it is as simple as the push of a button to begin riding your bike. But if you choose a kick starter then your little one may need some assistance in starting their dirt bike.

EFI or Carbureted Engine

The final main decision about your first bike is the type of engine you’re interested in getting: EFI or carbureted. The main differences between the two are that the carbureted engine has less electrical components but also requires some occasional tinkering in order to keep it running at peak optimum performance.
An Electronic fuel injected engine (or EFI for short) has more electrical components but also doesn’t require any maintenance to keep it in top form as they are the more modern of the two engines.

So, to quickly summarize when you are thinking about what you should be looking for in your child’s first bike, just remember to keep everything light, simple, and easy to control. Keeping it light and easy to control will make things as easy for a beginner rider to become comfortable and more interested in riding altogether! Now that you know exactly what you want in your first bike, let’s talk about the pros and cons of some of our best choices!


Proper Gear for Using a Kids Dirt Bike

The most important factor for parents of children who ride dirt bikes is the safety of your child. While nobody plans to fall off their motorcycle, but unfortunately every rider (including the greatest ones of all time!) have fallen off their bikes at times and thankfully they had the proper equipment to protect them!
So what exactly do you need to protect yourself from any incoming damage?

Well, a lot of things.


First and most importantly you’ll want a helmet. No ordinary bicycle helmet will do either, for this you need a full-face motorcycle helmet so that your chin and the sides of your head are protected much more efficiently. This is because the speeds on a dirt bike and a bicycle are drastically different, making potential damage much worse.

Riding Boots

Another great piece of equipment for any child is a sturdy set of riding boots. You may think that these are just shoes and don’t really matter, but these special boots provide grip that help your child stay on the bike and balance.

Riding Gloves

Gloves are definitely something that go lower down on the shopping list of priorities, but wearing a good pair of riding gloves could help reduce any damage taken while reaching out to break your fall and holding onto the handles.

Chest and Back Protection

Finding a great source of chest and back protection is essential for any rider but especially fragile young ones. When searching for chest and back protection it is highly recommended that you seek out a chest protector with an integrated core and also supplied with added shoulder and back protection to keep your young ones safe and ensure they keep riding.

Neck Brace

Acquiring a solid neck brace goes nicely together with a helmet and chest protection like a shield joins a well-crafted suit of armor. Wearing one of these will keep your neck safe along with the rest of your head while you ride, avoiding whiplash from hard landings.

Kidney Belts

Along with your regular chest, shoulder, and back protection it is not uncommon to see kids wearing kidney belts for another added layer of security for their lower back and core. Something you will see in almost any contact sport is elbow and knee pads and dirt bike riding is no different. Your child should have a pair handy in order to reduce any bumps, scrapes, and scratches.

Riding Goggles

The last piece of equipment that your child should have for protection are some riding goggles. These are handy for keeping dirt out of your eyes allowing you to completely focus on the bike and everything that’s in front of you. Safety can be an expensive price to pay but as we learn time and time again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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