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folding balance beam for kids

If you’re a gymnastic teacher or parent who wants to ensure your kid is able practice their favorite sport at home or on the go, you may be looking for the best folding balance beam on the market. It’s important to make sure that your child is always working on the development of their beam skills. A folding balance beam allows you to stick with your routines while not in the gym or even when you’re on the go!

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Why Buy a Balance Beam for Home

By having a gymnastics beam or other gymnastics equipment like gymnastics bars  you allow your child to practice their skills at home. You will find that with gymnastics there is an element of fear when trying new skills. By having training tools at home kids can work on those intimidating skills and build up the confidence to eventually perfect them.

What to Look for in a Portable Balance Beam

When researching portable balance beams, you’ll most likely want to consider the following items.


Not only will you want to check the full size of a portable balance beam, but you’ll most likely want to check the collapsed size of the balance beam. The full size will ensure that your child will get maximum use of a competition sized balance beam. Knowing the collapsed size will ensure you have enough space in your car to tote around the balance beam or store it at home.


The weight of your portable balance beam can be an issue for some. If it is too heavy you or your child won’t be able to lift it. This is especially important if you want the portable balance beam to be set up and put away by you kids without your help. If that is the case you want to make sure the balance beam is not too heavy because you don’t want your child to get hurt carrying this around.


The last thing you want to look for is just the materials used to create the balance beam. With foldable and portable beams, you can’t expect the same quality as competition beams, but you want to make sure that the quality of the beam is as high as possible. This means looking at construction of the inner core, the covering, and the method used to make the beam foldable.

Best Folding Balance Beams 2017


Z Athletics Foldable Balance Beam


The Z athletic gymnastics folding training low beam it’s a great option for those looking for a lightweight portable beam. It measures 9 ft long 2 inches tall. It is 4 inches wide at the top and 6 inches wide at the bottom.

This balance beam folds in half. It’s very easy to store and some customers have stated add that their young children have been able to do this all themselves. This is great because your child will be able to set up the beam and put it away all by themselves.

As an added plus it also comes with a carrying case which makes portability even easier. This beam is made of a high density polyethylene core. While marketed as a suede cover is more like a velour microfiber material. Some customers said that this material is a bit slippery so you want to be extra careful with young gymnasts.

Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam


The Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor balance beam is a balance beam set that connects using a velcro system. So while it’s not technically “foldable” it still can be broken down easily. Each beams is 4 ft long and can be connected to another 4 foot long piece. that means you can make your balance beam whatever length you want or need.

This is great for families with limited space or, on the flip side, those who want a much longer beam to practice longer combinations of skills. Each beam is 4 inches high with a 4 inch wide top that tapers down to an 8-inch base. This is very similar to a competition beam and your young gymnast will love the suede surface as it will feel like the real thing.

This beam is perfect for practicing scale such as handstands donkey kicks or cartwheels. You will also find this is good for traveling as it is very lightweight. Your young child will be able to carry these beams around without an issue.

The Beam Store 8′ Folding Balance Beam

If you’re looking for a beam that’s very similar to a competition beam, the Beam Store’s 8 foot folding balance beam is a great option for you. Itis made with polyethylene foam padding which is the same padding use on competition beams. It has a synthetic suede cover and a wood core.

It is constructed with a low profile made perfect for your young child to practicing needs. The beam is 4 inches wide on top and is 3 inches off the ground. You child will be able to use this of years as it has a 250 lb weight limit. The beam weighs a total of 15 lb which gives it some nice stability. There is a steel is a hinge on the beam which allows it to fold.

We Sell Mats 9′ Folding Floor Balance Beam


The we sell mats beam is a 9 foot folding beam Great for both gymnasts and cheerleaders. It is two and a half inches high. It boasts a 4 inch wide surface that widens down to a 9 inch base for stability.

It’s built with a foam core.  But unlike the other beams we review this has a vinyl covering. So if you’re looking for a beam that feels more like a competition being this definitely isn’t the beam for you. Is recommended for Middle School age girls and below.

The foam is hard but not too hard. This means that the skills you want to practice on this beam are cartwheels and donkey kicks. But you may want to think twice before doing something like a back handspring. The beam is very lightweight coming in in about 3 pounds. You’ll be able to tow this around very easily as a folds up to a four and a half foot long beam.

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