Best Laser Tag Set for Kids 2018

If you’re looking to foster collaborative play, strategic thinking, and gross motor skills, then look no further! For decades kids have had endless amounts of fun playing at home with their laser tag game sets. This article will review some of the best laser tag set options for kids available on the market today in 2018.

Best Laser Tag Set Reviews 2018

In our overview we’ll be discussing the following laser tag sets for kids.

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case – 2 Pack

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If you have a ton of kids or want to be the coolest mom or dad on the block, then get the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set.

Because the lasers exceed 120 feet you can play this in a large room or even outdoors which makes this a very versatile laser tag set compared to others. I really like the different blasting modes which differ in damage and range. I also like the fact that there are different competition modes.

These blasters take 4 AA batteries. And the blasters come in a cool carrying case which makes toting these around a breeze.


Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case – 4 Pack

Dynasty Toys Carrying Case 4 Person

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Want even more fun, check out the Dynasty Toys 4 Pack. These are just like the 2 pack but have additional team settings so instead of the 2 team selector colors in the 2 pack you have 4. This is a great option if you have more than just two kids interested in playing.


Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack

Nerf Lazer Phoenix


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This two-pack laser tag set is perfect for the new and established laser tag fan. When you’re playing with you friends (or foes) laser tag gun hits are registered with lights, sound, and vibration. All hits and ammo are registered on the blasters themselves. You’ll be able to see how many hits you have left at any given time.

What I really like about this laser tag set is the reload feature. Your ammunition isn’t unlimited so you can’t just sit and shoot all day long hoping to hit your opponent. When you are out you’ll need to hit a level which ejects an magazine style club that you need to push back in. It’s a pretty neat feature that other taggers lack.

These blasters require 6 AAA batteries each.


Laser X Laser Tag Gaming Set

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The Laser X set comes with 2 laser tag guns and 2 vest targets. They boast a shooting range of 200 feet. The things we love about this set are the unlimited number of players and the vest targets. You can buy multiple sets and use them all together in one massive game of laser tag. This makes this the perfect set option for large families or a specific large event. We like the vests because they vibrate when an opponent hits you. This adds some realistic fun to the game.

Each player receives 8 lives in the game. Once you get close to the end, the set will tell you how many lives you have left.

Customers have complained that the set constantly beeps. But this is a benefit to players since your opponents can’t hide from you completely because you’ll be able to hear their gun beeping. The set also comes with voice tips that play throughout the game. You can disable these though if you’re a seasoned player.

One set requires 6 AAA batteries.


Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag

Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser tag

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If you have little kids, under the age of 6, you may want to consider the Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag Set over some of the other more feature-heavy options.

These taggers feature sound and vibration when fired. Many felt the setup was a bit difficult but once completed, provide hours of fun.

The Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag Set is one of the more affordable options. Some felt that these taggers were lesser quality so if you’re looking for something to last a lifetime you may want to look elsewhere.

This set requires 6 AAA batteries each.

Why you should consider getting your kid a laser tag set

I’m sure you’re thinking why your kid needs a laser tag set. Now if my compelling story above didn’t sell you, here are some great reasons why kids will love a laser tag set and you will too.

Fosters Collaborative Play

When you’re playing in teams, it gives kids the chance to collaborate and communicate with their peers. Communication is an important part of development. Being able to work with peers in a team setting will prepare your little ones for the future.

Strategic Thinking

Planning a laser tag attack takes time, patience, strategy, and wits. Think of it like a game of chess. Being able to strategize – especially in collaboration others – requires skill. Where should you hide? Should you go on offense or defense? Maybe the team even has specific tactical maneuvers. It all helps build their strategic thinking.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Tagging your opponents take fine motor skills to aim and fire. But moving through the field of play will also require gross motor movements. Laser tag requires the use of both, and sometimes they need to used at the same time. It’s a great

Active Play

Laser tag really isn’t for the lazy. This game will keep your kids active. There are also many sets that can be used outside. Purchasing one of these will help get them off their seats and moving around. Hopefully it will tire them out enough for a sound night of sleep.


Seriously I cannot stress how fondly I remember my Lazer Tag game. I can hear the sound it made in my head. If you have one or more children who love playing together and being active, a laser tag set for home use is a great gift option. They’ll have hours of fun and memories to hold on to forever.

What to look for in laser tag guns for kids

When you’re picking out your laser tag set, keep these few things in mind.

  • Ease of use – If you’re buying this for smaller children, keep the ease of use in mind. Smaller kids will have issues holding larger guns.
  • Battery requirements – The last thing you want to do is buy an really nice laser tag set and then need to by 3000 batteries for it. Check the requirements.
  • Laser range – If you’re looking to play in a large space, you’ll need to keep laser range in mind.

best laser tag set for kids

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