Best Telescope for Kids – 5 Awe Inspiring Options

My mother was young during the Space Race. When the moon landing came about, my grandfather brought a TV to her school so her entire class could watch the momentous occasion. Now kids could pull it up on their phones instantaneously so it’s difficult to imagine the true magic that scene must have been. My grandfather’s love of space transferred to my mother and down to me. I am now working on building that love of “all things outer space” with my daughter. One of the key tools to do this is through a telescope. When looking for the best telescope for kids, you can’t go wrong with one of the options below.

Benefits of getting one of the best telescope for kids

If you’re not a space nut, there are still some great reasons to buying one of the best telescope for kids.

  • Teaches kids about astronomy and science getting kids excited about STEM early on
  • Allows children to explore and observe using their sense of sight
  • Visually challenging and requires strong attention to detail to view stars

Best Telescope for Kids – 5 Options

Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope

The Twin Star 60mm Compact telescope is one of the best telescopes for beginners. It’s very light and transportable. Additionally, the set up is a cinch. You just need to snap everything in place and you and your child will be star gazing in no time. This telescope comes with a 2x Barlow lens.

You can see the easy assembly in the video below from Twin Star.


Educational Insights GeoSafari First Telescope


The Educational Insights GeoSafari is marketed as “toddler friendly” with goggle type eyepiece and a nose cut out. This telescope is definitely on the “budget” side and less powerful than other options. But you’ll find this one more suitable for younger children where you are trying to get them excited about space.  Since it’s possible they may lose interest quickly you’ll feel better getting a more affordable option.

Still, this telescope will magnify 10x and you won’t need to focus. While some may see this lack of a feature as a negative, because you will be using this with a younger audience, less is more! Focusing will cause unnecessary frustration for little ones (and parents).

All around, this option is good for the younger crowd, but definitely not recommended for bigger middle schoolers and teens. For those age groups go with a more powerful option.


Educational Insights Moonscope


This telescope is another option from Educational Insights. The MoonScope has more features than the GeoSafari. The recommended age range for this telescope is 8 – 11 years. The activity book included with this option will educate and inspire your kids.

You’ll get 90x magnification with this telescope. That will be enough for your child to view the moon in greater detail. It is a table top telescope meaning that the tripod provided is suited to be viewed from a table. If you don’t have something to prop up the scope it may be difficult to view through the eyepiece.

As with many of these telescopes, since they are meant for kids there are limitations to their power and quality. Be sure to understand this before purchasing.


TwinStar AstroMark Power Refractor Telescope


The AstroMark offers a full tripod. You will be able to take this outside and place it anywhere to view the stars and night sky. Be careful however since the weight of the telescope may make the tripod tip over. This can easily be fixed by adding a weight dangling from the middle of the tripod.

As far as power goes, this option gives 30x to 48x magnifications. It’s a great option for beginners – both children and adults.


GEERTOP Portable Astronomical Refractor Telescope


You’ll get three eye pieces with this table top telescope. The GEERTOP telescope is another great option for those looking for a little more horsepower behind their eyepiece. With the different eyepieces available you can get 18X, 27X, 60X, 90X magnification.

With this telescope you’ll receive:

  • H20mm eyepiece
  • H6mm eyepiece
  • 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece
  • 90º Zenith mirror
  • 33cm height Aluminum tripod


Celestron 21036 PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope 


Our final option is our most powerful and most feature filled. With slow motion tracking, 3x Barlow lens, and both low and high power eyepieces. If you have a kid who can’t wait to get their hands on a telescope, this is the perfect option.

This comes with a tripod which is quite light. This means that you can move your telescope easily, especially if you’re using it to do something like birding or nature watching.

This is our favorite pick for avid astronomy fans looking for an option with a little more ummmph!


There are many options available and finding the best telescope for kids can be tough. We hope the above list helped narrow down your search or gave you some good ideas for what will work best for your family.


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