Best Toddler Roller Coaster Options in 2018

step2 up and down coaster

A toddler? On a ROLLER COASTER? Well not any roller coaster. These toddler roller coaster options are perfect for young kids. If you have an active child who loves thrills, this is a great gift option. This post will round up the best toddler roller coaster ride on toy options available in 2018.

What Is A Toddler Roller Coaster

These toys go by many names – roller coasters, ride on toys, ride on coasters. They all do the same thing. They feature a car on a track and use gravity to send the car down a ramp. Sometimes the ramps feature slight rolling bumps like a coaster and some are strictly ramps.

Toddler roller coasters are just a step above a slide. Instead of sliding down a slide using your body alone, the coaster uses a wheeled vehicle.

Buying Guide: Roller Coaster for Kids

If you’re in the market for a coaster ride on toy you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

  • Age of your child – Each of the options below has a specfic age limit. This is because children need to be able to sit and hold on to the cars on the coaster. Children younger than 2 or 3 often do not understand the consequences of letting go. The age limit also ensure that larger, and possibly heavier children, do not attempt to ride.
  • Space available – These toys are quite large. With the coaster taking up anywhere from 6 to 9 feet in length and a handful of inches wide, you’ll want to ensure you have adequate space. The cars are meant to coast down the ramp and continue traveling after the end.
  • Safety – As a parent you are most concerned with safety. Make sure the option you choose has the safety features you are comfortable with. Even though a manufacturer may boast safety, you must follow your gut as a parent!


Best Kids Roller Coaster Ride On Toys


Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster

Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster


Fans of Thomas the Tank Engine will love riding down the tracks to Sodor in the Step2 Up & Down coaster. This coaster ride on toy features the Tank Engine as the car on the track. Children can ride the 9 foot track easily and all by themselves. Kids of all ages can use this toy due to the step included at the start of the track.

The wheels are recessed and sit in grooves with walls on the outside. This will ensure the engine stays on the track and doesn’t roll off. The Thomas engine car features a high back and hand rail so kids can hold on and stay on during the ride. And the can won’t start down the track until the child pushes off.

Recommended age: 2-5 years old
Weight limit: 50 lbs



Radio Flyer – Flyer 500

Radio Flyer - Flyer 500


This ride on coaster features a shorter track at 6 feet. The car included is a classic looking Radio Flyer car. The front wheels of the car fit in rests until your child is ready to take off. The car can also be used off the track for additional enjoyment.

Since this coaster doesn’t feature any bumps, you can also use this with your toy cars. Send them down the ramp for some racing competitions.

If you don’t neccessarily want to have this track out in plain sight all year round, you can easily store it. The track and car fit into the base for easy storage when your child is not using it.

Recommended age: 2-5 years old
Weight limit: 50 lbs


Step2 Extreme Coaster

Step2 Extreme Coaster


The Extreme Coaster is just that – extreme and EXTREMELY FUN! This ride on features a base that’s 30 inches high. Kids can use the molded steps to reach the top and climb into the car. In the car children will find hand grips and a high seat for comfort and safety.

The car will race down the track which is 9 feet long. In the center of the ramp you’ll find molded steps. After you glide down, you’ll need to push the car back up the ramp using the steps. Kids will be working on endurance and upper body strength as they push the car to its proper position.

The car on this coaster features a high back and guard rails. Kids will be able to push the car to the top and climb in while the car remains safely at the top. They can then push themselves down using the rails at the top of the coaster.

We also love that this was made in the USA with US and imported parts.

Recommended age: 3-8 years old
Weight limit: 75 lbs



Step 2 Up & Down Roller CoasterStep 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

The Up and Down coaster is the staple in Step2’s arsenal. It features 3 interlocking pieces which includes a fun up and down ramp.

Like some of the other options, parents will be happy to know that the top of the ramp has recessed wheel bays to hold the car in place as your little one climbs on. To mount the car your child can climb the two molded, non-slip steps and climb on the cart.

The cart from this roller coaster has a high back and handrail. It can also be used as a ride on toy elsewhere.

Recommended age: 2-5 years old
Weight limit: 50 lbs


Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On

Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On


Our last option is for the true thrill seekers only. This is the longest coaster with 14 feet of track. If your child loves Hot Wheels or fast cars, this is the best option for you. The car has fun Hot Wheels decals and the track has racing flag checkers.

Due to the size of this coaster you’ll want to set it up in an outdoor area.

Recommended age: 3 and up
Weight limit: 75 lbs.



For smaller children we recommend the Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster. This is the most affordable and manageable option. Younger children won’t be overwhelmed or scared by this track.

If you’re shopping for an older child, we recommend the Step2 Extreme or Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill coaster options. These are sure to delight older children with the longer ramp.

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