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When I was a kid, we received a set of walkie talkies for Christmas. My cousins got the same set. I still remember running around my grandparents house playing with them, one of us hiding in a faraway room to test how far the radio frequency would carry our voices. There was a Morse code chart on the front of the device that would we reference when we would send messages to each other. Looking back they seriously were the best walkie talkie for kids at that time.

What we looked for in the best walkie talkie for kids

When buying a kids walkie talkie you won’t be looking for the same bells and whistles of an adult’s walkie talkie. While these kids walkies are toys and are less in price, you’ll still want to look for a few key things before choosing one. Here is a list of some basic things you’d want to know before you pick up a pair for your kids.

  • Range – Depending on where you live and where you imagine your child using the walkie talkie, the range of the device will matter.
  • Battery – No parent wants to pay a fortune on batteries. Knowing the battery requirement as well as how long of a life you will get from each set is crucial information for your pocketbook or billfold.
  • Compatibility with other walkies – I loved that our walkie talkies worked with our cousin’s set. Compatibility (or incompatibility) with other sets may be a deal breaker so keep this in mind.
  • Channels – Want a lot of options? Having many channels available will allow for different types of play so keep this in mind if you’re looking for a walkie talkie that is really versatile.

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids Reviews


UOKOO Kids Walkie Talkies

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The Uokoo Walkie Talkies feature 22 channels on a Personal Mobile Radio (PMR) system. If you’re looking for a walkie talkie to use over a great expansive area, this is a good options. You and your child will be able to maintain communication at a distance of 2 miles, or up to 3.7 miles in certain situations. This will ensure that even in areas with poor cell coverage you’ll be able to stay in communication.

These are the perfect size for little hands. They can carry them around, or hand them to Mom to put in her purse or bag. The walkie talkie is intended for ages 4 and above.

You’ll need 3 AAA batteries for each unit which isn’t a horrible imposition. They should last for 3.5 hours if your little one is playing with the walkie talkies non-stop but should last 9 hours on standby mode. This will definitely give you enough juice to last a few nights of outdoor fun Keep extra batteries on hand in case you need to switch them out for any reason.

This pair of walkie talkies comes with a backlit LCD screen which will give the user the battery level. You’ll also find a convenient belt clip that you can use to store your walkie talkie when it’s not in use.

One of the cool features included on this pair of walkie talkies is a small flashlight. This feature makes this set particularly good for outdoor games at dusk or at night.

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Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

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The Kidzlane walkie talkies are definitely kid friendly featuring a streamlined design and 3 channels. These walkie talkies come in fun colors that are sure to appeal to your young one.

If you’re buying this set for younger kids, the operation couldn’t be easier. Straight out of the box they’ll be using these walkie talkies with the simple click to talk feature.

The range for this walkie talkie is 2 miles which means you and your kids can use these in almost any area. Or at the very least you can communicate across the yard or house to keep tabs on your kid.

While it can be considered rudimentary, if you’re looking for something for a younger child with lower expectations, this is the best kids walkie talkie for you.

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Retevis RT32 Kids Walkie Talkies

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The Retevis RT32 walkie talkie features 22 channels, similar to the Uokoo. It takes 4 AAA batteries to run each of the handsets.

The green color stands out which means your kid won’t be losing these as easily (one would hope). They come with a lanyard so your kid can wear it around their neck while playing. It also comes with a belt clip that they can use to clip it to their waist or backpack or anything!

This pair of walkies are perfect for dusk or nighttime because of the backlit LCD display. Like the Kidzlane walkies, this features a torch at the top of the walkie which gives you piece of mind if you get lost in the dark or need to signal for help.

Durability is one of the main issues with this walkie talkie set. Some users have felt that these break more easily than others. If you’re looking to gift this to someone younger than 6 years old, you may want to choose a more kid-friendly option.

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LUITON A7 Mini Durable Walkie Talkie

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Unlike the above models, the Luiton A7 walkie talkies comes with 6 rechargeable lithium batteries. So if you’re buying this for a kid who just LOVES using a walkie talkie, this may be a good option for your wallet. A charger is also included and allows you to charge both walkie talkies at the same time.

Like the other options, these walkie talkies have a range of up to 2 miles and kids can talk on one of the 22 channels.

When buying anything for kids, durability and quality are big “must haves”. These walkie talkies boast higher quality as well as kid-safe materials.

Since these are only 3.2 oz they’re perfectly lightweight for a kid to carry around. Since they come with a belt clip on the back, they can be clipped to your kids pants or backpack. You can even throw it in a purse or bag. Since they’re so light you won’t even realize it’s there.

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Spy Gear – Video WalkieTalkies

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If push to talk (PTT) is too “old school”, the Spy Gear video walkie talkies are the perfect option. While on the pricier side, these babies have great features that will keep your kids entertained.

These walkie talkies are small handheld devices. Unlike the others, they don’t have a belt clip so you have to hold them if you’re on the go or throw them in a backpack.

They’re marketed as “spy gear” and they can be used for spying. Simply set up one of the devices as your spy camera and track what’s going on using the other device.

If you’re looking to use this in a large area, like an amusement park or even around the neighborhood, you may want to think twice. The range on these walkie talkies is only about 160 feet so you won’t able to go too far without the signal being distorted.

You won’t need any WiFi or data connection to start communicating on these walkie talkies so you can video chat at any time, regardless of signal. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get the same video quality you would expect from more expensive cell phones. So if it’s quality video chatting you’re looking for, you may want to stick to higher end cell phone products.

Like many of the other options above, these take 3 AAA batteries.

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We hope you were able to discover more about the best walkie talkies for kids in our review. Which did you choose? We’d love to hear in the below comments!


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