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I still remember those first few steps my daughter took holding onto her walker. I was so proud and I contribute her early walking to the fact that we had a baby walker available early on. There are great advantages of having a wooden baby walker available to your teetering baby. As a baby starts to learn to stand and walk they’re working on their coordination and gross motor skills. Having the best baby push walker in your house will allow your child to work on these skills.

Wooden Baby Push Walker or Wooden Push Cart Buying Guide

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look for a wooden baby walker.

  • Size – You want to make sure that the size of the walker won’t be too small or two big for your child. If it’s too small, they will be hunched over as they try to push the walker. If it’s too big, they may have trouble holding on.
  • Stability – Since your baby is probably just learning how to walk, stability is a big deal. Look for a wooden baby walker that is wide enough base so that it doesn’t tip over.
  • Wheels – The wheels will make a difference in the stability of the wooden baby walker. Look for wheels that won’t slip all over your floor, especially if you plan to use it primarily on a wooden floor.

Best Baby Push Walker Reviews 2018 – Our Wooden Walker Toy Picks

HABA Walker Wagon

HABA Walker Wagon Push Walker

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What I love about the HABA Walker Wagon is how solid and sturdy it is. This walker will definitely be harder to tip over than some other lesser walkers. This walker features wheels with silicone treats which makes sure the wagon won’t slip from beneath your kid’s fingertips. What’s cool is that the friction can be increased and decreased based on the skill of your little one.

The walker has a cute little seat in the front. Your little one can use this for a baby doll or even a sibling if they feel like going for a ride. As your child gets older, this baby push walker easily translates to a cart for hauling toys around or a pretend shopping cart.

One of the other cool features in this well made cart is brakes. This is particularly handy when your baby is first learning to walk. This is also helpful if you do plan on using this on a “slicker” floor like hardwood.


Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toy

Hape Wonder Walker Push Pull

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The Hape Wonder Walker is recommended for kids age 12 months to 3 years. This walker has additional activity features and includes movable maze parts on the handle and sides. This turns the walker into more than just a walker. (I definitely love things for that are dual purpose.)

The walker features a nice size bin which could be used for carting around toys or baby dolls.

On the stability and safety side, the wheels are all trimmed with rubber which will protect your floors and hopefully provide a little bit of traction. All the paint is also non-toxic and safe for your little ones.  The one thing that I wish this walker had was locking wheels or a resistance setting.

This is a good walker for little kids learning to take their first steps and pull themselves up. This time in their development is very crucial and you still want to supervise them at all times when using a walker.


Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

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Radio Flyer is synonymous with quality kids products. The Radio Flyer Walker Wagon keeps with that tradition. This Walker Wagon looks very similar to some of their larger kids wagons.

What I consider one of the best features of the this wooden baby walker wagon is the resistance feature. This is perfect for kids just learning to pull themselves up and new walkers. You don’t have to worry about them going too fast when they are just starting to push the walker themselves. The resist feature allows parents to tighten the weeks so they won’t roll as quickly since there will be more resistance. Brilliant!

And if you’re worried about your furniture it’s got a great little bumper on the front of the wagon. This ensures it won’t leave scuffs on your furniture or bruises on your ankles.

Design wise, this walker looks a lot like other standard size Radio Flyer wagons and they have wooden rails on on the bed of the Walker that can be removed.

The recommended age for the walker is 12 months to 4 years old.

While I love the resist feature, what I’m not a huge fan of is the wheels.  Unlike other walkers that have rubber wheels or rubber treads, these are more like a hard plastic.  So they will sometimes leave marks on your hardwood and will be a little bit noisier than others.

HABA Walk Along Tool Cart

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If you have a kid who loves to pretend to fix things, this is an amazing option. We love the HABA brand for it’s superior quality. And this option has the added bonus of the fun tools. It comes with a saw, hammer, and a wrench.

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This cart measures approximately 17 inches long by 13 inches wide and 19.5 inches high. It’s recommended for children 10 months and older. So this is a great choice for those new walkers. Especially because since you can tighten the screws on the wheel to suit the skill level of your little one.

The interactive features of this walker makes this one of our favorite picks. It’ll be used long after your child masters the art of walking.

Boikido Wooden Push And Play – Rabbit Wagon


Boikido Wooden Push And Play - Rabbit Wagon

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The Boikido Walker is definitely one of the baby walkers that can double as an activity center. With bright colors, fun characters and activities on each side, your kid will definitely be engaged with this walker for a much longer time.

This walker is recommended for kids 12 months and older.

It features an ample sized cart to put toys and other things, and the sides of the cart are higher so it will keep your kids treasures inside the cart at all times.

The wheels feature rubber protection around each of them which provides traction and ensures the wagon won’t be slipping beneath them. While it does have the rubber rings around the wheels, one of the things I don’t like about this walker is that it doesn’t feature any resistance mode. So if your child doesn’t have the best control, they might find themselves moving too fast.

Quality is definitely an issue with this walker and some have complained about missing or damaged parts upon arrival.Some have also claimed that the paint starts wearing off very easily after only a few uses.

All in all it’s a very cute walker. However, if you intend to have your kid use it everyday all day it may not hold up to the wear and tear of that level of play.


Janod Crazy Doggy – Walking Cart

Janod Crazy Doggy - Walking Cart

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The Janod Crazy Doggy Walker is a cute simple walker with a fun concept. I love this little dog’s face and even his little collar with a bell. There’s a fun polka dot design on the wheels and on the inside of a car so it’s very visually pleasing.

This walker is 17.5 inches tall so if you do have a very large toddler who is learning to walk this might be a little short for them.

Like many of the other walkers this features wooden Wheels with a strip of rubber in between them this prevents from scratching wood floors and also provide some traction when the little ones are are pushing it along.

Like all with all walkers mentioned, parents should always be supervising their children when using them. Since there are no brakes little ones can pull themselves up, and if the walker slips beneath them, they can take an awful tumble.

What I like about this is that it’s straightforward. Design wise I just think it’s adorable. The bell on the collar can get annoying if your kid ends up liking to use this a lot. But all in all it will look great in your house because of its straightforward design. I definitely won’t be an eyesore.


Our favorite and pick for the best baby push walker of 2018 is the HABA Walker Wagon. It’s attractive design and brakes paired with the quality of the walker make it a winner in our book.


Which walker is your favorite? Provide a review or your favorite push walker below!

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