Zip Line Kits for Kids Reviewed

zip line kits reviewed

During the summertime, many kids dream of turning their backyard into an amusement park. With a zip line kit you can turn this dream into a reality. There are many amazing zip line kits for kids on the market that can be easily installed for endless summer fun. They’ll be so much fun, your kids won’t want to leave home!


What is a zip line?

A zip line is a cable a rope two two different points. A person rides the zip line from one point to another and gliding from one side to the other.

Benefits of Zip lining for Kids

I’m sure most think of zip lines and they think of soaring through a rain forest on an extravagant vacation. But zip lines are fun apparatuses that can be installed in the comfort of your backyard. And there are benefits to owning a zip line. They’re great toys for kids because they:

  • Promote outdoor play
  • Help Improve upper-body strength and gross motor skills
  • Stress reducer
  • Helps build self esteem and self confidence
  • All around good fun

Zip lines are most appropriate for older children that have a little bit more upper body strength, even thought there are seats and harnesses.  It’s important that the kid has control and strength. Remember, not everyone has the appropriate space for a zip line but if you do you’re in luck.


Best Zip Line Kits for Kids

Slackers 90′ Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit


The Slackers 90 foot cable version comes with a disc seat. It can be adjusted to accommodate riders of different heights. Just lower it or raise it to the appropriate height. This kit comes with a 3/16 inch cable. The trolley is steel and has two grips for kids to hold on to. This will ensure your hands won’t slip off while you glide through the air.

Cable Length: 90 feet
Weight Limit: 250 lbs
Harness?: No
Brake?: No, not needed if installed per manufacturers instructions
Age Limit: 8+


Slackers 100′ Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit


This zip line kit is very similar to the Slackers 90 foot version, except it’s longer and built for day / night zip lining. This option features a longer cable – 100 feet long. The cable, similar to the 90 foot version, when installed, doesn’t need brakes. If installed properly, the slack at the end of the cable will allow for gradual slowing down at the end.

The reason this is perfect for day and night is that there are 50 LED lights that are found on the trolley, seat, and rope. You’ll be able to watch your kids zip through the night sky when they use this zip line.

Cable Length: 100 ft
Weight Limit: 200 lbs
Harness?: No
Brake?: No, not needed if installed per manufacturers instructions

Alien Flier X2 R200 Zip Line Kit


If you have a large space that can be turned into a SUPER LONG zip line, then the Alien Flier X2 is perfect for you. This boasts a 200 foot cable which means your kids will be flying across your lawn for an amazingly long ride. It can be customized for a shorter ride if needed.

The aluminum trolley includes speed control which will allow you to brake. While adults will be able to use these easily, a smaller child with less hand strenght may have difficulty. If brakes is something you’re concerned about, you may want to look into a separate or additional braking solution.

This version includes a disc seat is Pop n Snap which allows you to set up and connect the seat to the trolley very easily. Because of how quickly you can set this up, this zip line is very portable and can be taken down and set back up easily.

Cable Length: 200 feet
Weight Limit: 275 lbs
Harness?: Sold separately
Brake?: Yes, Speed Control Trolley

CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Cable Kit with Brake and Seat


The CTSC zip line kit features a disc seat which attaches to the steel trolley. The seat can be easily adjusted so that the rider is sitting at an appropriate height. The trolley handles have a non-slip grip ensuring your kids can hang on tightly and not lose their grip. The trolley attaches to the 95 foot steel cable for a smooth ride.

Unlike some of the other options available, this kit comes with a brake set. They’ve included a 15 foot bungee cord which will help slow the rider or stop them altogether. For worried parents, this is a great added feature.

Cable Length: 95 feet
Weight Limit: 250 lbs
Harness?: Not included
Brake?: Yes


Ripline Epic Zipline


For a shorter ride, pick the Ripline Zip Line Kit with an 80 foot cable. If installed with enough slack towards the end of the ride you won’t need brakes to safely stop. Like our other options, this features a quality trolley designed for a smooth ride. The seat attaches to the trolley so that kids don’t need to rely on their upper body strength to hold them up the entire ride. They can sit, grip the trolley, and fly!

Cable Length: 80 ft
Weight Limit: 200 lbs
Harness?: No
Brake?: No


Buying Guide: Things to Consider

Before purchasing a zip line kit make sure to check out these requirements.

  • Ensuring you know the correct requirements will make sure you’ll be able to properly and more importantly safely install your zip line kit. You can always contact the manufacturer of the zip line kit you purchase find out the particulars of the kit safety instructions.
  • You need to have some sort of anchor like a tree or a pole. But keep in mind that most trees need to be quite large in order to hold the weight of the zip liner.
  • Make sure you understand how zip line is installed. The cable cannot run without some slack so you’ll need to make sure that you choose a kit with the appropriate length cable needed between your two endpoints. Most zip line kits have a weight limit. This is obviously extremely important when purchasing a zip line kit for kids.
  • Know the weight limit of your kit…and stick to it!

Zip Line Kit Brands

There are few very big names in the zip line space.


Are Zip Lines Safe?

Many parents often ask whether zip lines are safe for kids to use. This is one of the main reasons you may not purchase one. But you will find that zip lines can be as safe as riding a bike if you follow take certain precautions.

  • Always install the zip line using the manufacturers instructions. You don’t want to improvise in this area.
  • Get a harness if the main rider of your zip line will be a child. These are sold separately and are easily to install. Many parents may fear that their child will lose their grip or try to let go mid-ride. By using a harness it will give you added comfort when your child rides as you’ll know they can’t fall off, even if they lose their gripping.
  • Make your kids wear a helmet. This may seem silly, but you should treat this as you would with any high speed activity where you can fall. Just as you would make your kid wear a helmet when riding a bike, they should also wear a helmet while riding a zip line.
  • Get a brake kit if the option you have doesn’t include one. While installing a zip line you should have adequate slack toward the end of your line. But if you’re a nervous parent (like me) you can’t go wrong by installing another break. There are bungee systems that you can put in place that will make sure your child slows down towards the end of the ride before reaching the end point.

If you take these precautions your child will be adequately prepared to fly through your new zip line!


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