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Black and White Images for Newborns – Free Printable!

Black and White Images for Newborns - Free Printable!

I received some amazing black and white art cards from my sister when my first daughter was born. They got a lot of action in those first 2 years as I laid each picture out for my baby to look at. Now I use them with my second little girl as much as possible. I’m always on the look out for some more high contrast images for the baby to look at but some of the store bought cards are a bit pricey. I decided to design my own black and white images for newborns using my tablet

Free Black and White Baby Images

Here are four cards that I drew up that feature some high contrast imagery. I tried to keep the designs fairly simple to start, using broad sections of black and white. I didn't get too fancy with small details. I went with the bolder images with fewer details since that really captivated my baby most.

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With their eyes still developing, some of the smaller details are most likely lost to them. If you're curious on more information about a baby's vision development, check out the American Optometric Association page. There's some really great information there.

I printed them out on computer paper at first but then opted for a heavier card stock paper so that they don't bend as easily. The full size images are available below. Just click on them and print them out!

If you're looking for more ways to incorporate black and white images in your day to day interactions with baby, check out our post covering some great black and white baby toys.

If she stays engaged with these I plan on making some more. I'm thinking of themes that I could do, like one set of dogs using different sizes and breeds. Baby faces are a big hit so I may try my hand in that.


Black and White Nursery Prints

When we were designing my daughter’s nursery, it was tempting to go the black and white route. I mean, everything looks good against a black and white backdrop. Also, I knew the contrasting decor in the room would be really stimulating to my daughter. While I didn’t go the black and white nursery route, here are some great options if you decide that’s the style you’re looking for.


 For the Harry Potter fans.





Black and White Images for Newborns - Free Printable!

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Do you have any requests for images to turn into black and white baby art cards? Let me know if in the comments below!


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