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Hottest Christmas Toys 2017

Before you know it the holiday season will be on us. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest Christmas toys 2017. Hottest Christmas Toys for Active Kids Official PonyCycle Ride On Horse No Battery No Electricity   Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart >> check out our reviews of the best pedal go karts << Fisher-Price […]


Best Telescope for Kids – 5 Awe Inspiring Options

My mother was young during the Space Race. When the moon landing came about, my grandfather brought a TV to her school so her entire class could watch the momentous occasion. Now kids could pull it up on their phones instantaneously so it’s difficult to imagine the true magic that scene must have been. My […]


Lacing Cards for Fine Motor Development

We put together a great little craft the other day. If you frequent this site, you know I love QUICK, FREE, and FUN activities. I realized we haven’t done many fine motor activities in a while so I decided to make a lacing card. I have seen these on Pinterest (who hasn’t!) and wanted to […]


Our Favorite Fidget Toys for Kids and Adults

There are many fidget toys on the market today for kids with special needs, attention, or anxiety issues. Our list of favorite fidget toys can help those with stimulation or anxiety issues find the best outlet. What are fidget toys?Fidgets are used to reduce or redirect self-stimulation or stimming. By using a fidget, children are able […]


How to Adjust Playtime to Your Child’s Learning Style

Our senses allow us to take in our surroundings and experience the world. They help us learn about everything around us, and through our senses we’re able to process information. When we assess how someone processes information and learns, people typically prefer one style over another. In 1992, Fleming and Mills identified that students fall […]


How to make a play dough mat

Playing with play dough or any type of play clay gives your child creative outlets as well as engages them in sensory play. There are so many toys and tools to incorporate into your play dough play. But if your child loves play dough as much as mine does and wants to play with play […]


Gorilla Gym Review

In our current time of smartphones, endless YouTube options, and video games, keeping kids active is an extremely important part of a parent’s responsibility. Depending on where one lives, providing your child with adequate exercise year round can be challenging. The Gorilla Gym gives parents a great solution for this problem by providing physical fitness […]


Three Net Swing and Therapy Swing Options for Your Littles

Swinging has so many great benefits. And a net swing is a great object to have on hand for both fun and for important sensory therapy. Swings are often a staple in a Sensory Room used for Sensory Integration therapy. So a net swing can offer many benefits to both a child and their parents […]


Best Wooden Activity Cube in 2017

When I saw my first activity cube I was well into my tweens and it was at my pediatricians office. I didn’t get it as I had never played with one as a child and it obviously didn’t interest me then. But as I now bring my own child to the doctor I can see […]


Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Threading Activity for Toddlers

We have just started potty training our daughter. This weekend we didn’t want to leave the house but we needed an activity that would occupy my toddler for a bit. I decided to put together this simple pipe cleaner fine motor threading activity which I wanted to share because she loved it to much. Benefits […]

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