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cheap reborn doll

One of the most difficult challenges I faced when I was pregnant with my second child was preparing my oldest daughter for her new sibling. It’s difficult for them to comprehend what will happen and how their lives will change. It’s even more difficult to comprehend the changes in their day to day lives with a newborn at home. Looking back, I realize one of the ways I could have prepared my daughter for this change would be to buy a cheap reborn doll.

Reborn dolls are a huge craze in the US and abroad. While some of the nicer reborns may not be suitable for a toddler, by getting a cheaper reborn doll, you can still have all the added benefits of a silicone doll without the cost. Plus, for the purpose of education, the artistic detail in some of the more expensive reborn baby doll options are less important.

What to look for in a cheap reborn doll

What I’ve found great about the cheaper reborn or lifelike baby dolls is that while they’re less expensive, they’re still great quality. Here are some things to look for when choosing a reborn doll, cheap or expensive.

  • Gender – Boy or girl? The choice is yours.
  • Hair – Most reborns are made with fine mohair. You’ll need to decide whether you want a silicone baby with a lot of hair or very little at all.
  • Artist – There are many great reborn artists. You may find yourself drawn to a specific artist’s work over someone else’s.
  • Length and Weight – The length and weight will be two other features you’ll want to consider. There are options for newborns, infants, and toddlers. There are even people who make preemies.

Cheap Reborn Doll Options

Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll

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Length – 19 inches

Weight – about 6 lbs

Artist – Michelle Fagan

Brown eyes and brown hair

This baby doll comes with 10 pieces of accessories so you can dress your baby up many different ways. When looking for a reborn baby doll, a lifelike feel is important. This doll is made with GentleTouch vinyl and is weighted so you’ll really feel like you’re holding a real baby.

JC Toys Berenguer Boutique La Newborn

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Length – 14-Inch

Weight – less than a pound


Paradise Galleries – Sock Monkey Business

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Length – 16 inch

Weight – Approximately 5 lbs

Artist – Angela Anderson

Paradise Galleries Happy Teddy Baby Soft Vinyl

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Length – 19 inch

Weight – unknown

SanyDoll Reborn Baby Doll Soft Silicone

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Length – 22 inch

Weight – 2.6 lbs


How to Use Your New Reborn Baby To Prepare Your Child

The reason reborns are great for prepping your older child for a new sibling is that they look and feel just alike a real baby. You can practice many things with your toddler, getting them ready for life with a new baby.

  • Changing the baby’s diaper
  • Changing the baby’s clothes
  • Helping feed the baby
  • Bathing the baby
  • Playing with baby
  • Holding the baby

I know my daughter was (and still is) a little afraid of her sister because she didn’t know what to expect or how to interact with her sister. By preparing a toddler with a reborn baby doll you can help circumvent some of the discomfort or trepidation.


What are your tried and true methods for preparing your kids for new siblings?


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