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Create Your Own Fairy with Popsicle Sticks in 20 Minutes


So fairies are a new thing in our house. My mother recently started building a fairy garden in her backyard and bought the most gorgeous fairies to go in it. Unfortunately, because they’re so gorgeous my rambunctious 2 year old wants to touch them constantly. 

Solution? Make some toddler friendly fairies that we can play with til our hearts content. Today my little one and I set out to make some popsicle stick fairies that we can play with in the house. They’re not all weather fairies so they can’t be left outside but they’re perfect for inside or light outside play.

With this activity my little one was able to use her:

  • use her fine motor skills to put the elements together
  • imagination as we played with the dolls
  • exploration skills as we delved into new materials she’s never seen before

I had an old box of craft things that I had from 4 years ago (jeez) that I was able to use exclusively without buying anything new. Here’s what was in the box.

Create Your Own Fairy for Your Fairy Garden

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How to make a fairy for your indoor fairy garden

First I took my felt tipped pen and drew a face on the top of my popsicle stick. You can see I only drew the face about a 1/6th of the way down. I like to put little eyelashes on my fairies to give them a cute girlie look. I draw a chin and neck so the fairy doesn’t look like she doesn’t have a neck.

faces for fairy

There are lots of different ways to draw a face. You can get very detailed or more simplistic. I think my face is in the middle. You can use crayons or markers to color in the features. Maybe your want your fairy to have blue eyes like you!

If you’re not into drawing, try printing out a face or cutting one out of a magazine and gluing it on. These could put a fun spin on the look of your fairy.

How to make Fairy Wings for your Fairy

A Fairy has to have wings! This is where the small foam sheets came in. I chose green because for some reason I associate green with fairies (Tinkerbell maybe?). The sheets I have a quite small, about 4X7. I folded them in half the short way and then cut on the fold to get matching wings.

folded foam sheet

Using the glue dots again I adhered the wings to the back of the popsicle stick. Here’s what she looked like after the wings were attached.

make fairy wings

Other materials that I think would make fine wings would be:

  • another popsicle stick placed horizontally
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scrapbook paper

Hair for your Fairy

What’s fun about the hair is that you can do almost anything with the hair. They’re fairies so they can have purple hair, blue hair, spiky hair, no hair, or flower hair….like mine!

I had these little flower decorations that I realized were the perfect size for this project. I placed a glue dot on the back side of the head of my fairy and then just pressed the middle of one of my flowers against it. When I flipped the fair back around, the petals of the flower framed the little fairy’s face. I then just pressed down the top petals for form bangs for my fairy. Super cute.

The reason I used glue dots is only because I don’t have real glue. But to be honest, the glue dots were super easy to use, there was no drying time, and mess free!

make fairy hair 2make fairy hair 3

I wanted to try to add different type of hair to one of them so I cut out some of the brown paper I had in a gum drop shape. On the smaller rounded side I cut slits. You can see it below.

Using the glue dots again, I placed one on the back of one of my popsicle girls and placed the brown paper behind it with the slits above the top of the popsicle stick. Just like the petals on the flower, I pressed the top of the brown paper down over the top of the popsicle stick to make bangs. I then folded the sides slightly to give it more dimension.

fairy hair 1fairy hair 2fairy hair 3


I used just what I had hanging around but you can get very fancy with these. Here are some of the materials you can use for hair if you have it lying around your home.

  • Ribbon
  • Yarn
  • Scrap fabric
  • Tissue Paper

Clothing For Your Fairy

Lastly this fairy needed some clothes. At first we just tried coloring them in with crayons but I wasn’t a fan of how that looked. Instead I brought out more of the scrapbook paper and made dresses out of those.

I cut the paper in another gum drop shape, this time only longer. I made sure the top was wider than the width of the popsicle stick. With the glue dots again placed on the front of the popsicle stick, we placed the dress on the front of the fairy.


0614160801afairy dress

And here’s the finished product! My daughter gave them names but I’m calling the middle one Phyllis Diller.

create your own fairy with popsicle sticks

All in all I think making these 3 fairies took about 20 minutes. My daughter who is 2 is a little too young to help with all the steps and her finished fairy was a bit rudimentary, but at that age It’s all about helping her mama and playing with the finished product.

toddler fairy

We immediately took the fairies to her sensory bin and stuck them in there. They protected their fairy treasure and flew around the house giving each other “big hugs” (why are Teletubbies a thing again?!).



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Lisa Isabella Russo - June 14, 2016

Oh these are wonderful! What a fun idea.

Clare's Little Tots (@ClaresTots) - June 20, 2016

I love these and we already have everything we need to make them so I think I know what we’ll be doing tomorrow. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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