Our Favorite Fidget Toys for Kids and Adults

tangle jr fidget toy for kids

There are many fidget toys on the market today for kids with special needs, attention, or anxiety issues. Our list of favorite fidget toys can help those with stimulation or anxiety issues find the best outlet. 

What are fidget toys?

Fidgets are used to reduce or redirect self-stimulation or stimming. By using a fidget, children are able to:

  • present their stimming in a more socially acceptable way
  • build awareness of their condition and how to manage it
  • have a self regulating practice that they can use

By using introducing a fidget when a child is stimming, it will help the child and all children around them in the classroom focus on the tasks at hand.

Fidget Toys for Adults

But you’ll find that fidget toys are not just beneficial for children. I have a Tangle on my desk at work and every single person that comes into my office picks it up. They can’t help themselves and they can’t put it down. I find myself using it throughout the day when I’m engaged in phone conversations. It keeps me from multitasking and helps me focus on the conversation I’m having.

As a person with anxiety I also have had fidget toys that I’ve used during situations that trigger my anxiety. There are many personality types that can benefit from using a fidget. This is why fidget toys for adults are also great to have on hand...and they make great gifts for co-workers.

Our Favorite Fidget Toys

KCHKUI Fidget Toys Cube

A fidget perfect for the gaming generation. Fashioned as a cube, each side with it's own fidget, the VHEM Fidget Cube will keep your kids very focused. With buttons, joysticks, switches, and toggles there are many ways to stay engaged. It's made of durable high quality plastic. Since there are many replicas, you'll want to make sure the fidget cube you choose is high quality and that the plastic is safe for children.

WeFidget Original EDC spinner

The EDC Spinner is exactly that - a spinning fidget! Kids and adults will love to make this fidget spin and spin. You can change the bearing out. So if you want it to spin forever, visit a local skate shop to pick up a premium bearing. Since this figet only spins, if your child needs more tactile stimulation, it may not be the best choice. Additionally, there is some fine motor skills required to get the spinner spinning.

Spiky Sensory Ring Fidget Toy

These multi-purpose rings are perfect for tactile stimulation. They can be used as a fidget to squish but are also perfect for sensory brushing. I love that they are dishwasher safe and non-toxic, so there is no fear of harm to your children. Size wise they are 4 inches in diameter and three come to a pack.

Freddy's Fidgets

Freddy's Fidgets are great for kids that want to mash and bend something. They are made of mesh and have a marble inside. Kids will enjoy moving the marble back and forth without the fear that they will tear or break. They tout that they are more durable than other brands you may find. 

Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toy

Tangle Jr. is a great toy for kids and adults (I have one myself). It's quiet and non-disruptive. It also can come apart and be put back together. Children will enjoy the endless shape combinations you can make with this fun toy.

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