Garbage Truck Toys for Kids

best garbage truck toys

Little kids are fascinated by garbage trucks. Heck, some adults are still fascinated by garbage trucks. So if you’re looking for garbage truck toys for kids then look no further. Here are some of the best trash truck toys available.


Benefits of Trash Truck Toys

Garbage trucks may seem pretty basic, but these toys bring some great opportunities for play.

  • Pretend play – Not only are toy trucks fun, they encourage pretend play. Whether it’s taking these trucks around an imaginary town or pretending to pick up Barbie’s garbage. These are all great uses of the toy and your child’s mind.
  • Fine and gross motor – Most of these toys require a child to push them around. These movement of crawling and pushing with the arms are all great gross motor actions that will develop those skills. Some of the trash trucks require operation using buttons or moving arms up and down. These all require fine motor skills.
  • Teaching about recycling – If your child is into garbage trucks, this is great opportunity to talk about what happens to our trash. Teach them about how to recycle, what can be recycled and what can’t be recycled, and the impact our garbage has on our environment.

Best Garbage Truck Toys for Kids

Bruder Garbage Truck Toy – Side Loading


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This garbage truck is a great choice for those looking for both a realistic representation and a quality toy. As with many German made toys, the quality of this truck is superior. It’s made with high quality plastic and contains no glue or screws.

This trash truck is on the larger side. It’s 24 inches long and 10 inches high. It’s recommended for ages 3 and above. There are two trash cans included which can be loaded onto the truck via the side.


Bruder Garbage Truck Toys Mack Granite

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Here’s another Bruder trash truck, this one carrying the MACK logo. You can pop the hood on this truck to see the engine.

The recommended age is 3 years old and above. It comes with two garbage cans that hook on the back of the truck. This is a big truck, coming in at 27 inches long.

There are no motorized parts on this truck. The garbage press is operated using a dial on the side of the truck.


WolVol Friction Powered Garbage Truck Toy With Lights and Sounds


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The WolVol garbage truck is friction powered, meaning if you push it, it will continue to move forward. It does need batteries to operate the light and sound features. This trash truck is on the smaller side at only 10 inches long.

If you child is young, you may want to choose a different truck. This toy is known to have some sharp edges and the plastic is a bit more fragile.

Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle Toy

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Melissa and Doug is known for making toys that promote creativity and pretend. They typically feature wood as this toys does. This  trash truck is 10 inches long and features a rear arm that lifts trash into the back of the recycling truck. It sports a recycling logo which will help your child recognize a recycling truck and can in the future.

The back arm lifts and you can dump the trash block in the back of the truck. The entire garbage truck is made of child safe materials so this is a great option for young kids, especially if you’re careful about keeping plastic toys away from your children. It’s on the smaller side measuring 10 inches long. Due to the small parts, its recommended for children ages 3 and up.


Tonka Mighty Motorized Garbage Truck

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This Tonka truck is 16.5 inches long and works like the real thing. It features realistic sound effects and lights. The front arm is motorized and will lift up the trash bin when a button on the side of the truck is pushed. The arm lifts the trash bin above the truck and dumps the contents in the back. You can then lift the back of the truck up and dump the contents out the back.

If you don’t like trucks that need batteries to operate, this may not be the best option for you.

Green Toys Recycling Truck


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The Green Toys Recycling truck is made of recycled material, just as all of their toys are. There are recycling chutes on the side of the truck. And the rear of the truck opens up and tilts back. It’s recommended for one year old and older. It’s a nice size at 12 inches long.


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