How To Make A Fairy Garden – A Resource Guide

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I’m not sure when it happened, but fairy gardens are extremely popular. As soon as my mother found out that my sister and I had baby girls, she started researching how to make a fairy garden for them. Now that they’re two years old, and beginning to understand the concept of a fairy garden, she’s started to build a garden at her house.

I’m not going to lie. I was skeptical. Would they care about tiny cottage houses in the back yard? I wasn’t so sure. But the minute my daughter saw those fairy houses she was immediately interested. I know she still needs more time to understand the magic behind the garden and really appreciate it, but the seeds have been planted (pun intended). I now see how making a fairy garden can really help a child delve into the world of imagination. And they’re cute to boot!

Here’s a resource guide for the basic construction of a fairy garden and where to find or how to build one of your own!

Tips and Ideas on how to make a fairy garden

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Step 1: Fairy Garden Bases 

Location, location, location! Isn’t that the saying in real estate? The same goes for fairy gardens. There are many different places you can place make your fairy garden. First, you’ll need to decide if your fairy garden will be an outdoor or indoor garden. From there you can decide what base you want to use. 

Outdoor Fairy Garden Base Ideas

  • Base of a tree
  • Flower bed
  • Flower pot
  • Shady/secluded area in the yard
  • Bird bath

Indoor Fairy Garden Base Ideas

  • Flower pot
  • Shallow dish
  • Tea Cup
  • Terrarium


Step 2: Fairy Garden Houses

Next you’ll need some houses for your fairies to live in. Houses may be the most fun part about a fairy garden, at least in my opinion. This is where you can really set the tone by picking one of the great fairy garden houses out there. Will it be a small Tudor village or will it be a DIY rustic look? No matter which you choose, it will be great fun!

“Where do you buy fairy houses?”, you ask?


Sites with Awesome Fairy Garden Houses

There are some amazing options for fairy gardens. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

  • Magic Cabin – A section of Plow & Hearth, Magin Cabin is one of my favorite retailers. They specialize in imaginative play. That’s something we can get behind. Their extensive site has some great fairy garden houses and fairy sets. They even have fairy dress up clothes.
  • My Fairy Gardens – This site has it all. There are fairy houses, accessories, fairy doors, animals, and fairies themselves. They really specialize in all things fairy gardens so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for the in style you want on this site.
  • Fairy Homes and Gardens – Another fairy garden dedicated site. Again, you will fine exactly what you’re looking for on this site. The have a large variety and every product looks very high quality.

Here’s a look at my mother’s Plow & Hearth fairy garden house. 


If you’re looking to make your own fairy house, there are many ways to DIY your own fairy house. In the below video you can see how to turn a terracotta pot into a cute fairy hut using some polymer clay, paint, and glue! Start by using a small 2.5’’ terracotta pots as your house and add on from there!

We recently made our own fairy garden house from a small pot.  The image below is the finished product but you can check out our full tutorial here. We eventually put this in one of our small indoor fairy garden terrariums.


Step 3: Fairies for your Garden

I’ve seen some gardens highlight just the fairy houses and surrounding accessories but some people like to put fairies in their gardens. If you’re looking for fairies for your fairy garden, there are a few different places you can find them.

Etsy is a great place to find quality fairies. Stores like DreamFairyGardens and FairyDustedMiniature have a great selection and they’re quite cute. And there’s always Amazon who has also jumped on the fairy garden bandwagon.

Fairy Garden Miniature Friends Fun Set 

This 8 piece set by Mood Lab is made of coated resin that can be used indoors or outdoors.




Pretmanns Fairy Garden Starter Kit: Miniature Figurine Bella And Friends

This is a hand painted poly resin set that comes with 14 pieces. Definitely a set that will get your fairy garden off right.




Moonrays 91351 Solar Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Cardinal

This 9.5 inch fairy has solar panels that charges during the day. The bird glows during the night time.






If you’re looking to create your own fairies there are many options. We recently made our own peg doll fairies that we’ve used in our fairy garden terrarium.


Step 4 – Accessories For Your Fairy Garden

There are many options for accessories. I’m so impressed with some of the accessories that I’ve found on YouTube. Here’s one of a park bench made with jewelry wire and small wood strips.

If you’re not the DIY kind, here are some great options for fairy garden accessories.

 Bundle of 3 Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories – Turtle on a Stone, Frog on a Wood Chip, and Chickadee on a Leaf





Bundle of 2 Miniature Fairy Garden Items – Rustic Woodland Bench and Chair




Miniature Fairy Garden Trellis Arbor





G & F MiniGardenn 10024 Miniature Garden Tools (Set of 4), Rustic



Easy Fairy Garden Ideas and Sets

Maybe you’re not into building a fairy garden from scratch. I get you. I’m all about easy implementation. So when I think of easy approaches to things like fairy gardens, I can’t help myself. That’s why my fairy garden terrarium was one of my favorite projects. Here are some other great “kits” that you can find online to make a quick and easy magical space in your backyard or garden.



Fairy Door and Windows, Fairy Garden Set

Handmade by Rhonda’s Fairy Doors

I love how simple this is but how fun it is at the same time. The stairs winding up to the door is simple but really makes the whole scene more magical.




DIY Moss Fairy Garden Terrarium Kit 

I mean, how cute it this?! Everything you need to make a cute terrarium fairy garden. This is great gift idea for a little one.




Creative Roots Create Your Own Fairy Garden Kit

This is another kits that you can take and run with. It comes with a wood planter, fairy figurine, fairy house, animal figurines and fairy glitter.




There are so many great options and resources available nowadays around fairy gardens. I hope that if you’re making your own fairy garden you found this post helpful. Send us a message on Facebook showing us your fairy gardens! We’d love to see what you’re creating.

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