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How to make your own wand – Five easy and creative ideas!

How to make your own wand

So I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter. Like a really big fan. And what’s embarrassing is that I was in college when I started reading them. And I still nerded out and wanted all things Harry Potter. I’ve reread all the books, quote the movies, and often pretend to use magic – Alohomora! Well I digress. Any Harry Potter fan, or anyone looking to put together some fun wizarding imaginary play items, knows that a wand is crucial. My Alohomora spell won’t work unless I have an awesome wand. I’ve looked all over the internet for some of the best wand making guides. Here’s a roundup of some great videos and tutorials. I hope you like these and had fun learning how to make your own wand…I mean a wand for your kids.


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How to Make Your Own Marble Topped Wand

How To Create Your Own Magic Wand Tutorial | DIY

This might be one of my favorite videos. Cory Simpson is adorable and funny in this video. Marble falling off – very funny! And most of all, the wands are great and easy! You only need a few tools to get these going. It will take more time to put these together since you have to wait for the glue to dry and the paint to dry, but the end result is worth it. 

This wand is best for middle school aged kids. If you have very, very little kids, this probably isn’t the safest wand to make but there are some great ideas below for little kids.

If you’re interested in making these types of wands, here are the tools he used.


How to Make Your Own Whimsical Ribbon Wand

If you’re looking more for a whimsical wand, here’s a great post outlining how to make a ribbon wand. It’s from Little Girl Designs and it’s so adorable. What I like about this wand is that it’s colorful and just utlizes pen to decorate the dowel. This makes the wand super easy to put together. You can also customize your wands using certain ribbons. She suggests that they can be used as indoor sparklers for the 4th of July. Just use red, white, and blue ribbons and you’ve got a very festive wand!




How to Make Your Own Glitter Wand

My little girl LOVES sticks. She wants to bring them in the house and we’re constantly telling her to leave them outside. Now these sticks I wouldn’t mind coming in the house. Kids Activities Blog has an awesome tutorial on how to make glittery stick wands.



How to Make Your Own Paper and Glue Wand

If you’re short on time and short on dimes, here’s the best tutorial for you. Instructables has a tutorial from dadcando.com on how to make a Harry Potter wand from just a sheet of paper and a glue gun. Could it be any easier?!


You’ll need a lot of hot glue if you go this route. You can buy glue in bulk which I often do because I find myself always running out if I don’t. Just make sure you get the right size stick for your glue gun.

So my next favorite are actually little paint brushes but I think they’d make amazing wands for pretend play. Messy Little Monster has a great instruction guide for Stick Craft: Nature Paintbrushes. They’re so easy to make and half the fun is searching for the best stick and flower or leaf to use. Toddlers and bigger kids will have fun exploring nature to find the tools needed.

Imagination ideas are endless when you use these as wands. You can think of the powers associated with each flower or leaf – Maybe a lilac wand turns things purple? Get the idea? Easy, cheap (free) and fun these are a great project and experience for kids.

nature paint brushes




Well there you have it! Five great wands you can make to prepare for some great wizarding magic pretend play. Hope you are able to make your own wand easily with some of these great tips.

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