Kids Climbing Wall and Toys – Three Different Options

If you want to keep your kids active with a kids climbing wall, there are many different options for you. In this post we’ll be showing you many options, both DIY options and out of the box (with some assembly) option. Regardless of what option you choose, giving your child a climbing wall or climbing toy will provide them with many benefits.

Benefits of a Kids Climbing Wall

The benefits of a kids climbing wall, or any climbing apparatus, are immeasurable. There’s a reason there are so many climbing options on a playground, and good reasons outside of just the added benefit of tiring your little one out so they sleep soundly. Here are some of the great benefits tied to kids climbing walls or rock climbing for kids.

  • Problem Solving – When climbing, kids have to negotiate a wall and decide which way to go, which holds to use, and so on. This type of problem solving is an important part of a child’s development. Through trial and error, they’ll figure out the best way to climb and learn through each try.
  • Motor Planning – Motor planning is the act of planning out movements that are not common every day movements. Climbing involves motor planning because kids will need to decide where to put each hand and foot and when to shift balance or pull themselves up. Motor planning doesn’t come naturally to all kids, so climbing is a good exercise for those with motor planning difficulty.
  • Confidence and sense of accomplishment – Have you ever seen your kid’s face when they complete a difficult task. That sense of accomplishment will give your child confidence.
  • Core strength and bilateral coordinationBilateral coordination is the ability to move both sides of the body in concert with each other. Climbing definitely requires the climber to move left and right sides, both hands and feet. In addition, the core muscles are also used during climbing which makes it a great workout all around.

Kids Climbing Wall and Kids Climbing Toys

Step2 Skyward Summit

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The Step2 Skyward Summit is a great climbing toys for kids ages 4 and above this is made of durable plastic and could be placed outside if you choose 4 sides to Cargo Nets that’s what this kids can climb to the summit of the structure in many different ways there’s a hole at the top that a white flag that can be removed as a child successfully climbs to the top. Skyward Summit is over 80 inches tall and has four great climbing sides.

This climber requires assembly and you may want to have another person available when you put it together. Some of the features are difficult to assemble.

With any climbing toys quality and sturdiness are extremely important. You find the Step2 Skyward Summit will keep up appearances in sunny weather and won’t take up water in rainy months.

  • High quality product
  • Many climbing options with hand holds and rope ladder
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Hard to move alone

Swedish Wall – Indoor Gym Training Sport Set 

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This play gym by sportkid is a great option for those who live someplace very cold or those who don’t have a lot of outdoor space. It’s an indoor training gym that uses the ceiling and floor to create a climbing apparatus that can be used for exercising and fun. These ladder type gyms are often called Swedish walls or simplified versions are called stall or wall bars.

This particular gym features a rope and a trapeze bar. As kids climb up the gym, they can hang on the horizontal bar. This bar can also be moved into different positions. There are also a set of ring that your children can swing from. Having these different options for climbing and hanging will allow your child to work different muscles and their motor planning.

These gyms are installed using pressure fittings between your floor and ceiling. It works similarly to a curtain rod, but obviously able to hold more weight.

Why these are a popular choice is because these exercise gyms don’t take up a lot of space, they can be used year round, and are great for both fun and fit activities. This particular version holds weight up to 220 pounds. So if you’re a playful adult, you can also have some fun on this as well.

If you choose this type of equipment your child will find themselves on many different skills such as motor planning and bilateral coordination. As with any climbing toy, adults should always supervise their child. You may also want to purchase a crash mat for below this kids swedish wall as a safety precaution.

  • Can be used year round
  • Fun for Kids and adults
  • Takes up space in your home
  • Pricey


Little Tikes Rock Climber and Slide


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The Little Tikes Rock Climber and Slide is great for early climbers and families that have more room for a large, outdoor toy. This climber features two different climbing walls. There are two main climbing sections with one section being easy to climb, even for the youngest climbers. The toy comes with climbing holds that can be rearranged and reconfigured for increasing levels of difficulty. On the rear side of this climber there are steps up to the platform your child have multiple climbing options.

One cool feature of this climbing toy is the platform. Kids can climb up to a 2-foot tall platform which has a wheel and telescope. These extra features tools foster creative play in addition to the physical skills your child will learn.

This kids climbing toy also features a a slide facts about 45 inches long. The slide can be installed two different ways, one higher option and one lower. This is perfect if your child is smaller but also ensures that this toy can be used for years to come.

  • Quality and durability one would expect from a Little Tikes product
  • Multiple configurations for the slide and climbing walls
  • Difficult assembly
  • Expensive

While these are three very different kids climbing wall or kids climbing toy options. Every one of them will provide your child with amazing skills and most importantly, fun.

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