Lacing Cards for Fine Motor Development

We put together a great little craft the other day. If you frequent this site, you know I love QUICK, FREE, and FUN activities. I realized we haven’t done many fine motor activities in a while so I decided to make a lacing card. I have seen these on Pinterest (who hasn’t!) and wanted to try them out. Here was my venture into┬álacing cards for fine motor development.

I started with a cereal box from the trash. It was there and I was there, it was a perfect match. I knew it would be easy to cut through and poke holes through (a prerequisite for a lacing card) so it was my best option.

First I cut out the large panels. Next I drew my shape. I went with a shoe to start. I’m a basic mom.

After cutting out the shape I started making the holes for the laces.

Finding laces was the hard part. I couldn’t find any of my scrap yarn which would have been the best choice (more on that later). I found a leftover shoestring which worked like a charm.

Fine Motor Sewing

Here’s my Miss 3 lacing it up.

I made a few more shapes – a girl’s dress and an alligator.

Laminate for Stability

I bought my mother a laminator for Christmas and I take advantage of it at any chance I get. So if you want to create some stability with your lacing cards, laminate them.

I also used some of her yarn to make new laces. I cut long strands and then rolled tape around then ends to mimic a real shoelace. It works pretty well!



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