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Three Net Swing and Therapy Swing Options for Your Littles

net swing and therapy swing options

Swinging has so many great benefits. And a net swing is a great object to have on hand for both fun and for important sensory therapy. Swings are often a staple in a Sensory Room used for Sensory Integration therapy. So a net swing can offer many benefits to both a child and their parents if used therapeutically. Additionally, net swings are great fun, promote active play, and help develop gross motor skills and motor planning. As a result, buying a net swing for therapy use or fun is great choice for parents.

Best Net Swing 2017

There are many different net swings on the market. Many are comparable but we chose some of the best around. Here are some of the best net swings available on the market today.

Svan -Tree Net Swing

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The Svan Tree Net Swing is marketed as a giant outdoor swing. Since it holds up to 220 pounds, this is a great swing for families with more than one kid or adults who are also looking for some swinging. This swing is 40 inches wide with a spider web like netting. Kids will hoist themselves up on the steel padded frame and start swinging away.

The ropes that come with this swing are adjustable but can be adjusted to a maximum length of 60 inches. There are many ways to increase the length of the swing by adding chain to the ropes. Many have praised the ease of assembly and installation.

HearthSong – Deluxe Platform Swing

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This 40 inch by 30 inch square net swing is a beautiful swing by HearthSong. Anyone who knows kids toys knows HearthSong is a quality manufacturer with the finger on the pulse of what kids like. This swing is no exception. This highly rated swing holds up to 250 pounds which mean two of your middle schoolers can both swing at the same time.

The frame is steel and padded with a rope interior. The HearthSong net swing can be mounted on a swing set or a tree. When installing this net swing you’ll need about 6 inches or more clearance from the ground but should be adjusted to the needs and height of your child. You’ll want to make sure they’re able to climb up easily. Many have found that if installing in a tree they get additional hardware such as chains or tree strap kits.

If you’re looking for a swing that twists, this may not be the best swing for you. It can twist but it won’t twist as easily as some of the others.

Swinging Monkey Products – Tarzan Tire 40” Spider Web Swing

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The Tarzan Tire swing is Swinging Monkey Products’ take on the traditional tire swing. This net swing has a hole in the center which is similar to the tire swings of old. Kids can sit facing inward dangling their legs inside the inner hole or they can face outward like the other net swings on the market.

This steel framed net swing features a nylon webbing and can hold up to 250 pounds. It can be mounted indoors, outdoors, on trees or on swing sets.

We love the old school feel of this net swing with its updated, modern design. As with many of the other swings, we love that this is large enough and durable enough to hold both a child and parent together.

A Net Swing as a Therapy Swing

Therapy swings are great for kids looking for vestibular input. Movement is extremely important in the development of a child’s senses. This is how they learn and build upon the important skills such as balance, dealing with aspects of gravity, and all in all, navigating the world. Children with and without sensory processing issues can benefit from controlled and strategic vestibular input in the form of a net swing. There are many types of swings that can be used as therapy swings, a net swing being just one of them.

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