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Shape Tracing Worksheets Your Kid Will Love – 6 Great Tracing Options

I find that my daughter is working on a few key “subjects” all at the same time. She’s been working on her pre-writing skills, learning shapes, learning colors, and soon she’ll be working on her letters. I know that I want to do as many activities as possible that promote the learning of these things. She LOVES to draw and she really loves pointing out shapes, so I went on a hunt to find shape tracing worksheets that I can print out for her. Here are my favorite shape tracing worksheets and the sites that house them.

I love free printables. Here's a list of some of the best shape tracing worksheets for todders and preschoolers.

  1. Coloring Castle’s Shape Tracing Sheet – This sheet has 6 shapes to trace, all on one page. There are other coloring sheets on this page as well so if you want to print out some large shapes for coloring practice this is a great resource.
  2. Worksheet Fun has it all! Their shape tracing sheet has a total of 5 shapes to trace, each featuring arrows showing the child the direction to move their pencil in order to complete the shape.
  3. Another favorite Worksheet Fun section for more advanced tracers are the sheets located here. There are 6 different downloads with varying shapes on each. There are some really complex stars so the arrows provided on these sheets help little learners with where to move their pencil.
  4. The shape tracing sheet at My Teaching Station gives your little one three options – color, trace, and connect. These types of pages are great options for kids that may have mastered the tracing part and need either some challenge (connect the dots) or just some fun (coloring).
  5. I love love love the Midwestern Moms tracing sheets. She did it right! Each sheet as multiple shapes for you kid to trace. Practice makes perfect and your kid will get a lot of tracing practice here. The download has multiple pages so you can focus on one shape at a time. Check out her other printables – especially the clouds. So fun!
  6. If you’re looking for some spooky shape inspriation, the Ghost Shape Tracing sheet at ChildCareLand is for you. They designed the sheet you can cut them out for a cute little card or you can leave them on a full sheet of paper if you’d like. Either way, this is a great activity around Halloween for your little learners.


I hope you were able to find a few shape tracing worksheets perfect for your child. Let me know which are your favorite in the comments below.


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