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How to make a play dough mat

Playing with play dough or any type of play clay gives your child creative outlets as well as engages them in sensory play. There are so many toys and tools to incorporate into your play dough play. But if your child loves play dough as much as mine does and wants to play with play […]


6 Items that Encourage Creative Play for Kids

Some of my favorite moments with my oldest daughter have been when I find her using her imagination. She is usually talking to herself, making up a story or replaying a tale like Little Red Riding Hood or one from her most recent favorite TV show. When I find her like this she usually has […]


Easy Fairy Garden Terrarium – Fun Indoor Decor!

If you’re a frequent visitor of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve been on a fairy garden kick here. It all started with my mom buying some gorgeous Plow & Hearth fairy houses. She couldn’t wait to show them to my daughter and niece and she looks forward to sharing the magic of fairies with them […]


Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Threading Activity for Toddlers

We have just started potty training our daughter. This weekend we didn’t want to leave the house but we needed an activity that would occupy my toddler for a bit. I decided to put together this simple pipe cleaner fine motor threading activity which I wanted to share because she loved it to much. Benefits […]


DIY Peg Doll Fairy

I’m obsessed with peg dolls. They’re perfect for little hands and have endless customization possibilities. I started with making a peg doll nativity last year and I’ve expanded a bit since then making favorite characters such as Charlie Brown. After seeing my mother’s fairy houses I knew I wanted to make a DIY peg doll […]


How to Make a Pinwheel

When I was younger there was a show on TV called Pinwheel and it started with a song. I’ll forever know the lyrics – “Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around. Look at my pinwheel and see what I found.”  Pinwheels have a sweet innocence about them but there is also science behind why a pinwheel spins. And […]


5 Simple Music Activities for Kids

We try to keep our house filled with music. We have a Spotify account and numerous play lists featuring all different moods and genres. I play the piano, sang in choir in high school, and participated in all the musicals. My husband is a big music fan who loves Queen and The Killers, anything with good […]