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Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Threading Activity for Toddlers

We have just started potty training our daughter. This weekend we didn’t want to leave the house but we needed an activity that would occupy my toddler for a bit. I decided to put together this simple pipe cleaner fine motor threading activity which I wanted to share because she loved it to much. Benefits […]


Best LCD Drawing Tablet for Kids

During our summer vacation this year I brought my DoodlePro with us. My 2.5 year old daugher and my 18 month old nephew had a great time drawing on it. I love the DoodlePro but for prewriting activities and writing practice I know I want to get an LCD drawing tablet. These tablets mimic writing […]


The Ultimate Fine Motor Skills Examples Resource

Every parent who researches developmental milestones will likely read about fine motor and gross motor skills. If you’re like me you’re looking for fine motor skills examples to make sure your child is progressing as they should. We’ve compiled some great examples of fine motor skills that babies and toddlers should have. We’ll also try […]


Everyday Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers just want to help. Anyone with little kids know this is evident as they are likely following you around the house saying “I want to do it” or “let me help”. I was recently reminded of this when my toddler asked to help make banana chocolate chip muffins with me. Through this I found […]