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TV Free Activities For Toddlers

When I was on maternity leave I was overwhelmed. I had an infant and a rambunctious toddler. Luckily, my toddler was easily distracted by television. In the beginning I was able to keep her occupied with TV while I got some chores done or fed the baby. As time went on I leaned on TV […]


The Ultimate Fine Motor Skills Examples Resource

Every parent who researches developmental milestones will likely read about fine motor and gross motor skills. If you’re like me you’re looking for fine motor skills examples to make sure your child is progressing as they should. We’ve compiled some great examples of fine motor skills that babies and toddlers should have. We’ll also try […]


Best Wooden Play Kitchen – We Cooked Up a List of Our Favorites

When kids start playing it’s sometimes the everyday tasks that they enjoy doing most. Cleaning, cooking, eating, taking care of baby dolls. These are the things they like to emulate and this type of pretend play has great developmental benefits as well. That’s why having a play kitchen for my daughter was one of the […]


Create Your Own Fairy with Popsicle Sticks in 20 Minutes

  So fairies are a new thing in our house. My mother recently started building a fairy garden in her backyard and bought the most gorgeous fairies to go in it. Unfortunately, because they’re so gorgeous my rambunctious 2 year old wants to touch them constantly.  Solution? Make some toddler friendly fairies that we can […]


How to make your own wand – Five easy and creative ideas!

So I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter. Like a really big fan. And what’s embarrassing is that I was in college when I started reading them. And I still nerded out and wanted all things Harry Potter. I’ve reread all the books, quote the movies, and often pretend to use magic – Alohomora! Well […]


How To Make A Fairy Garden – A Resource Guide

I’m not sure when it happened, but fairy gardens are extremely popular. As soon as my mother found out that my sister and I had baby girls, she started researching how to make a fairy garden for them. Now that they’re two years old, and beginning to understand the concept of a fairy garden, she’s […]