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6 Items that Encourage Creative Play for Kids

Some of my favorite moments with my oldest daughter have been when I find her using her imagination. She is usually talking to herself, making up a story or replaying a tale like Little Red Riding Hood or one from her most recent favorite TV show. When I find her like this she usually has […]


TV Free Activities For Toddlers

When I was on maternity leave I was overwhelmed. I had an infant and a rambunctious toddler. Luckily, my toddler was easily distracted by television. In the beginning I was able to keep her occupied with TV while I got some chores done or fed the baby. As time went on I leaned on TV […]


The Vestibular Sense – What’s it all about?

There are so many things we take for granted. But anyone who has had one instance of vertigo (or “the spins”) will tell you that not feeling steady on your feet is not fun. Just like our previous post about proprioception, the vestibular sense is one of the “additional” senses that each person is given. […]


All About Proprioception and Kinesthetic Awareness

Some say that we don’t just have 5 senses. I’ve learned that number senses is up in the air but most agree that there are at least 2 additional senses. In addition to sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch there is also the proprioceptive sense or proprioception and the vestibular sense. The vestibular sense essentially […]