UFREE-HORSE Ride On Review

When you’re a kid, ride on toys give you a little sense of independence as well as the thrill of speed. Something that’s also common with kids is the love of horses. The UFREE-Horse company understands this and their ride on horse is the ultimate toy for both little kids and big kids alike.

The UFREE Horse is designed to look like a horse with the feel of a stuffed toy. The plush exterior makes it attractive to kids but the sturdy design will appeal to parents. And most importantly, the UFREE-HORSE requires no batteries and encourages your child to be active since its only sense of power is human potential energy.


UFREE-Horse makes three different sized versions of their ride on horse.


Height35 inches36 inches44 inches
Recommended Age3-5 years5-9 years4-15 years
Weight Limit132 lbs.132 lbs.154 lbs.
Check Price on Amazon.comCheck Price on Amazon.comCheck Price on Amazon.com

The pony makes a great gift for the following

  • All kids who love horses
  • City kids who don’t get to the farm
  • Kids who live in colder spaces

One of the things that’s great about the UFREE-HORSE and many other ride on horses is that they can be used in a variety of settings. They can be used indoors or outdoors which makes it suitable for almost any kid.

In order to operate the horse, the child must bounce up and down on the horse continuously. This movement will help move the horse forward. There are four wheels, one on each of the legs. The child’s movement will make the horse gallop as if they’re riding their own stallion.



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