Walkie Talkie Games for Kids

walkie talkie games for kids

Walkie talkies are one of the best toys you can buy a kid. And there are so many great walkie talkie options for kids - from young ones to adults. Not only are they just fun to use around the house, there are some great walkie talkie games you can play with them.

Before cell phones these were the premier way to communicate with your friends - outside of a Teen Line. I even remember being in high school (pre-cell phones) trying to use walkie talkies to talk to my friends driving around in different cars. But it’s the young kids that will really enjoy the fun involved in using walkie talkies during games and adventures. Here are some great ways you and your kids can use your walkie talkies.

Team Walkie Talkie Games

Hide and Seek/Manhunt

The classic game of hide and seek is perfect for walkie talkies. The hiders can use the walkies to let the seeker know when they’re getting closer. If there are multiple hider sand seekers (we used to call this Man Hunt), Walkie Talkies are great for formulating a strategy on both offense and defense.

Capture the Flag

This is the ultimate game of strategy. Two teams must converge on their enemy’s territory and capture their flag, all before the opposing team captures their flag. Because of the need for constant communication, kids will love throwing walkie talkies into the mix. This will bring a new fun element into the game.

Follow Directions

This game is a lot like one of the games they play on the TV show Survivor. There are two teams. One person on each team is the Caller with one walkie talkie. The other person is the Walker with the other walkie talkie. The Walker is blindfolded and must follow the commands from the Caller. Have the Walker go through some easy obstacles to gather an item and return it to the Caller.

Walkie Talkies Games & Pretend Play

Since walkie talkies and similar communication devices are used in every day professions, walkie talkies also can lead to fun pretend play.

Air Traffic Controllers

Pretend to be air traffic control. Talk to your pilots and guide them safely back to the ground. This is a perfect game to play outside. Your kids can run around with arms akimbo. Or if on bikes or trikes, they can navigate the "airspace" and do their best not to bump into each other.

Grocery Store Clerks

My daughter loves playing “customer”. Be the cashier and ask for your manager using the walkie talkie. Someone has to help you ring up all those double coupons! 

Rescue Workers

Help save the day as a rescue worker. Be policemen or firemen and communicate with each other as you help those in need.

There are so many options and walkie talkie games to play. Which are your favorite?

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